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Default 06-27-2010, 03:26 PM

Not very realistic; should be "What immature guys wish silly girls knew".

1O things guys wish girls knew.

1.Calling you on the phone does not mean we like you.
That's kind of mean. If a guy calls you, leads you on and is nice then later acts like he doesn't like you, it's mean and immature and he deserves a swift kick to the shins.

2.You are much prettier without all that makeup
Sadly, a lot of boys believe that the airbrushed models in magazines who sport the so called "natural look" are the representatives of makeup free womankind. They don't seem to realise that, as well as being airbrushed, these models have trowel loads of makeup on to get them looking natural, and they consequently have a heart attack when they see a girl who actually is makeup free.

3.When you act all spazzy and giggly, Well its really embarrassing for us
No girls I know act like this; therefore, it's an unfair generalisation. Any girls who do act like this are as a rule despised by most other girls save their equally vapid friends.

4.Gossiping, whispering and passing notes makes you look beyond shallow
See my responses to 1 and 2. And that doesn't make guys look shallow? Whatever, one rule for you and one for us.

5.Boys worry about their looks as much as you do
Some even take it to the extent that they believe that all girls should bow down and worship them cuz they're so good looking. Otherwise, I don't know any women who disbelieve this.

6.PMSing is no excuse to be mean to us
FAIL. The day you guys end up suffering stomach cramps, mood swings, extremely painful headaches, bloats and other PMS symptoms that make us cry with agony and also suffer extreme irrationality, then you can complain about being shouted at. Until then, kindly bog off and keep your opinions to yourself. And for goodness sake, don't start demanding some loving at a time when we are in pain or we will soon ensure that you are suffering pain as well from a smack around the head.

7.Talking about your "BIG" butt is so boring
Talking nonstop about motorbike racing/football/rugby/golf/snooker/cricket/baseball/insert boring sport here is even more boring, but you still insist on talking about it. And perhaps we wouldn't worry about our big butts if you didn't have so many magazines full of skinny models in your possession.

8.Tight clothes look uncomfortable, cheap and desperate
Same goes for you. This cuts both ways; and no, it's not alright for you and not alright for us. Both genders need to find clothes that fit properly and are the correct size.

9.Most boys are looking for the right girl
Shame they expect us to do the running. This is serious; I have seen a lot of guys who moan about not being able to find the right girl, but refuse to go out looking or change themselves in any way. Such as taking a girl back to a cesspit of a flat, or not wanting to pay out to take her someplace nice. Or sitting at home in front of their Xbox every night wondering why they never meet any girls.

10.If you like him, just tell him. Simple
This I will agree with. Boys are not aliens; they are people. It's not difficult to talk to them as tho they are people.

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