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Arik grabbed a broom from the cupboard as he crept out into the seating area of the restaurant; there didn't appear to be anybody around. The sounds of the.. zombies, he supposed, were still outside, but at least they seemed to have forgotten him in favor of somebody else. He walked back into the kitchen and unlocked the back door, cracking it open to listen. There wasn't a single sound in the back. Thank goodness.

He flicked the lights off, more out of habit than anything else, and he glanced at the rotting bodies, his nose wrinkling in distaste, and he walked out.

Little did he know that in a few short hours, that those dead bodies would rise again - faster, meaner, and deadlier. But, likely, they wouldn't be able to figure out the doors.

Once he was outside, he realized that going outside the way he had was a bad idea. There were zombies everywhere, all shuffling and groaning in their own special way. He could hear gunshots far, far off in the distance, but he didn't think anything of it, not really. It was probably other people fighting for survival.

He ducked into the alleyways, bludgeoning aside any zombies; he figured that killing them was going to be a waste of energy.

He was going to go for the Residential district and hope for the best. Maybe that guy on the floor above him had some spare guns? He was a bit loony.


Carmen glanced over each informational sheet as it passed over the screen in her office, and she picked up the phone as it began to ring. "What?"

"We found Shapo. The vial was broken, doesn't look like there was even anything in it."

"You idiots." She slammed the phone down, not bothering to answer. It was hit-or-miss regarding infection by the Green Flu. Either you were or you weren't. Didn't matter if you got bit by any of the regular Horde; the Commons weren't what could kill you. It was strictly airborne or injected - at least, as far as their studies had shown.

She bit her thumbnail, staring at the screen with Jem on it. .. God, I hope that virus isn't physically contractable..


Zombies shuffled around the building that Lizzie had taken refuge in; there were some inside as well, though they hadn't quite yet picked up on her presence. There weren't very many things around with which to make weapons - though, there was a long broom. If she broke the brush off, she could make a nice spear out of it, but it wouldn't do much good for close range. Which is what zombies seemed to enjoy.

Maybe if she broke it into smaller pieces...

There was also a fire extinguisher, a bucket, and a mop, along with several chairs and and a desk with a safe under it. The safe door was hanging open slightly.

When Shadow arrived in the Residential district, one of the first things she'd see was Arik fighting off a single zombie. Weirdly enough, there weren't many zombies in the area. This was because the Residentials was the zone that the UBCS had hit first; any zombies in the area had been wiped out when they'd run through, and any surviving ones were in bad shape. Well, in worse shape than most; missing limbs or crawling on the ground.

Arik kicked the zombie back, knocking it down, and he pressed a hand into a scratch in his neck, pulling his fingers away and grimacing at the blood. "Cheeky frikken.." He exhaled and turned away from the zombie, then noticed Shadow. "..Uh. I'm not a zombie, but there's one behind you!"


Carmen sat down at her desk and started typing rapidly on her keyboard, bringing up more screens around her desk; the people who had installed the system had never really explained how it worked, but at this point she didn't care as long as it stayed working. When the number she needed up was up, she turned around in her chair and held up her hands, pushing a few to the side. She used one of her fingers to pull a nearby one closer, and she observed the person on it; Ryan Braithewait. Where the was he hiding? The camera observing him didn't state the location like the others did.

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