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Ooc: Sorry I thought I'd edited it but I guess it didn't save, hence I have posted it again i nthe hope it saves this time ^.^

Name: Ryan Braithewait
Age: 16
Personality: Impatient, Abrupt, Intelligent, Determined and by no means about to let himself get killed off
Bio: Nothing special, his mum and dad are both archaeologists, hence he took the same course of career. He skipped several grades, this choice was naturally fully supported by his parents who unfortunately didn’t give him the same encouragement in the social area, so while he did make several friends who were taking the same courses as him he was never popular.
Appearance: Tall, Gangly, Somewhat arkward, black hair, brown eyes and of course he has glasses.
Preferred weapons: Pistol, it’s about all he has and about all he can use at the moment.
Most Hated Monster: Zombies by far, and Chargers

“Bloody hell,” Ryan gritted his teeth, as he realized that none of the things he carried in his backpack besides his pistol would be of any use. But then again, it was hell wasn’t it, there weren’t really any other names for it.

For 16 he was a surprisingly tall and gangly kid with a ruffled mess of jet black hair and had in no way fitted in to anyone’s view of what he should have been, ever really. It didn’t help being an archaeology student. It didn’t help now either because naturally it lead the collection of useless items that he had on him.
He hadn’t really had a choice though, his father had been an archaeologist, as had his mother, he shared the same passion and his parents had fully encouraged him furthering his studies.

Ryan opened his mouth to swear again but shut it as he realized he’d only attract zombies if he made any noise. Instead he leant his head back on the brick wall that lined the alleyway. He was lucky he wasn’t dead already, dead or one of them. Ryan had never had time for horror movies, he didn’t fully understand how the whole zombie thing worked. He’d always been much to interested in books, of course that had merely had him labelled as antisocial. Did he care? Not really although he did love his few friends extremely intensely, not that anything could have gotten him to admit it. Except this, he shoved his glasses fiercley up on his nose and bit back tears. He couldn’t believe he’d seen his fellow students die, what kind of person urged the others to run away instead of stand and fight. Why had Ryan listened to that blonde guy anyway he’d just gone and died like the others.

There was nothing to do now but stay where he was, stay where he was and wait. Who was he kidding though, what was he waiting for…death? Ryan shook his head. No. He wasn’t going to die, not if he could help it, not yet.

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