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Default 06-24-2010, 03:08 PM

Ooc: Interesting how my character got approved. She's probably going to die first. e.o

"Omgsh, Darren's so cuuuute!" The three girls, clad in pink and abercrombie, stood by their teal coloured lockers.
"I know, right, like, he's so HOT! What do you think, Lizzie?"
Lizzie widened her eyes, nodding her head fervently and agreeing with her friends. "Ohemgee, YES! I tooootally dig him."
They seemed satisfied with this, and continued to chat about the new boy who was from Europe. Lizzie found it nice to be around these two; she only had to participate in the conversations with 'oh em gee' and 'totally', and could think privately the rest of the time. The bell to dismiss was about to ring, and then she could go home, practice throwing her javelin around. The sound of their noisy chattering only barely scratched the surface of her mind. And suddenly, she was certain that she heard it, a scream from far away throughout all of the people talking, talking, talking. It alarmed her, but she wasn't one to confide in anyone else that she'd heard it. No one else seemed to notice, though, so she relaxed. Maybe she was just hearing things---
Lizzie guessed not. Everyone turned around to the source of the sound. There was a disgusting, foul-smelling zombie standing above a corpse, the corpse of the person who had just screamed. The other girls backed away, some of them screamed, but Lizzie's atheletic training kicked in. Her legs automatically helped her out of the hallway, out of the building, out of the vicinity.
That was three hours ago. Now Lizzie still doesn't know what's going on, but she understands that there are zombies. The zombies like to attack people. The people who are attacked get infected. The infected become more zombies.
Alright, so this was like a game. And the object of the game was to not be killed. She only had one life, unlike Mario. What joy.
She decided that hiding in a permanent place would be difficult, so she had to find hiding spots that had easy exits, leading her to a high rise building that had a fire escape. So now she was in a room on the second floor, which was nearby the stairs, trying to find a way to create weapons.

Ooc: Is okay? >__<
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