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Ooc: Before any conclusions are drawn, I came up with Shadow long before Shadow the Hedgehog was even thought of by Sega. I've adapted her somewhat for this RP; the name really is just a coincidence. XD

Jem Ward
Age: Sixteen
Personality: Chilled, laid back as a general rule, lazy, somewhat selfish, fairly clever, but doesn't like being told what to do. Can be extremely irritating on occasion and loves to wind people up.
Bio: Lives in the town with his mother, Carly and has lived there all his life. Jem's mother doesn't work, but claims welfare. His father left before he was born, but Jem doesn't miss him; his mother was a good enough parent and from what she's told him, his father wouldn't have been a good one if he'd stayed. Jem led a fairly ordinary life up til the current crisis.
Appearance: Long hair, straightened and dyed dark red, brown eyes, average height and build. Jem's mother is white, but his father was black, meaning that his skin is light brown. He has a scar on the inside of his left forearm, from climbing a barbed wire fence as a kid for a dare.
Preferred weapons: Knives, plus any gun that's easy to fire and not too heavy to lift.
Most Hated Monster: Lickers and Hunters, and any Green Subject.

Name: Shadow (real name: Sanura Gray)
Age: Nineteen
Personality: Extremely stubborn, cold and distant. She can also be catty and very spiteful at times, and is out for number one as a general rule. Shadow is very observant, and will always heed a warning.
Bio: Shadow moved to the city when she was eighteen, to attend college. Her studies were interrupted by the zombie outbreak, and now she would like nothing better than to leave the town. Shadow will cheerfully use survivors if they can help her in any way possible to leave this infested town.
Appearance: Black hair cut in a jawlength bob, pale skin that doesn't tan no matter how hard she tries, grey eyes, tall and average build.
Preferred weapons: Guns or crossbows.
Most Hated Monster: Zombies, Spitters and Witches.


Jem deliberately tried not to think as he ran thru the streets. Thinking was the worst thing a person could do, cuz it held back their minds if they thought about what could happen to the people they were close to. Jem couldn't help tho but think about his mother; however, he knew for sure she was safe; the apartment building they lived in was high up and for once the nut who lived beneath them, with his survivalist skills and dreams of apocalypse, had come in handy and had made the place air tight.

Jem's only weapons were a knife he'd found in the street, and an automatic gun he'd taken off someone's body. He'd been disgusted when he'd done it, but after all, the dead guy could well rise again as one of the undead. Just to make sure that he wouldn't, Jem had fired a couple of rounds into the dead guy's skull. Now tho, he was looking for someplace to hole up in for a couple of hours, to take stock of the situation and rest up. He spied a red door, and quickly went thru it. He couldn't barricade it, more's the pity, but maybe deeper within the building there'd be something he could use as a barricade. The air conditioned chill struck him as he went inside.

Further into the chilled building was a room. There was a fridge, plus a cupboard full of tins. The building obviously had at one point been inhabited but was now empty. Where these people were now, Jem didn't know, but at least it was empty of the undead. He sat down on a chair and lit a cigarette; he was too wired up to be hungry at this time. Several minutes passed, then Jem heard footsteps approaching. He clenched his free hand on his gun, ready for whoever, or whatever, it was that had gotten in.


Shadow could not believe it. This kind of thing happened only in movies; low budget, cheap horror flicks that a person watched when they'd arrived back from a night spent on the town and couldn't get to sleep. But it had happened, and it was real. It had been another ordinary day for Shadow; sitting in class, trying not to yawn as she listened to the tutor and took notes. Shadow had spent the previous night in a bar in town with the rest of her class, doing what college students did best; in other words, trying to drink the bar dry. She forced herself to stay awake, and wrote down in shorthand the notes she was being given. This was bound to come up later in the exam.

But then, the peace was shattered. It had happened exactly like in the horror movies; the windows at first had shattered just like the peace, and before anyone could fully grasp what was happening, the room was invaded by the walking dead. Some students were not quick enough; Shadow did not want to think about what had happened to them, and what had nearly happened to her. She'd snatched up books, poor weapons it was true, and had flung them at the invading zombies, hitting them in the head. It had slowed them down long enough for her to be able to pull the door open and escape from the room.

The whole of the teaching block was alive, if that was the right word, with the undead. Shadow cursed as she ran thru the building; she needed a weapon, something she could hold in her hand and use against these monsters. It came to her; the hardware room, where people who were studying hardware learned the physical side of the subject. Shadow peeled off down another corridor til she arrived at the room. She hadn't been the only person with the idea, either; the room was already full of students grabbing at the various saws, knives and tools. Shadow pushed a boy aside to get a serrated saw, and even better, in the tutor's abandoned desk was a confiscated handgun.

Shadow knew that the teaching block was unsafe; there were far too many blind alleys, places where a person could be trapped, so she had to leave it. Maybe a residental area would do; those always had better security than the main part of the building. She smashed a window, cutting her hand slightly as she did so, and crawled out, the weapons at her belt. Shadow gasped as she landed on the ground; she'd almost walked straight into a zombie. She snatched up her saw and slashed at what passed for the creature's face; having repelled it, she ran like the wind towards the residental buildings.

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