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Isis, Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Gods, The One Who is All, Lady of Green Crops, The Brilliant One in the Sky, Star of the Sea, Great Lady of Magic, Mistress of the House of Life, She Who Knows How To Make Right Use of the Heart, Light-Giver of Heaven, Lady of the Words of Power, and Moon Shining Over the Sea, stood by as none other than the Pharoah's daughter went into labor. Isis often helped as much as she could, though she could not show her Immortal Self to a mere human; she had to remain invisible and assist the attending priestess wherever possible. She used her healing magic to ease the pain and to speed things up a bit, as she herself quite obviously knew what labor was like. But, then again, if she'd never gone into labor, she'd never have had Horus, her little golden boy; Isis favored Horus, and spoiled him quite rotten. Anything her "baby" wanted, all he needed to do was whine to mommy, who would get it for him no matter the cost. To Isis, he was the perfect son, the one she always wanted; it didn't matter that he was more than fully grown now. No, to her mind, it was like he was still but a toddler, who would always need mommy around to care for him, and she saw nothing wrong with that scenario. She didn't necessarily mean to, but her son Anubis would always be just rated second best; it was a good thing Anubis didn't care. So she thought of her boy Horus as she worked to help in the birth of this new child, remembering the way only his right cheek dimpled when he smiled as a kid, and marvelling at how things changed. For a minute there, she wished she could turn back the clock, and have her baby boy back; but, then, it took the adult Horus to get Set banished to the desert, didn't it?
Isis came to with a gasp and sat immediately upright. She tried to inspect the area around her, but sight got her nothing; wherever she was, the air was cool, perhaps a bit dank, and the "rock" beneath her was cool, rough, and dry. Isis scowled into the darkness, wishing she had enough power to call up some light. Instead, she had to make due with taking off one of her amulets and hissing some harsh words to it. Soon, the amulet lit up with a reddish glow, allowing her to see without hurting her eyes too much. Her round, soft face lit up with a perfect, rosey-cheeked smile, and her dark eyes twinkled in the red light. She held the amulet aloft in slim, delicate fingers to see who was there, and was quite relieved to see Horus and- "Osiris? You're not green!" She said aloud in spite of herself, staring at her rather alive, young-looking husband. She was far too shocked and self-absorbed at the moment to care that there'd be those with extra-sensitive eyes who might be a bit blinded by her light, or that the light could signal to someone other than their small group that they were there. She only cared for her dear, sweet Horus and her loving and very much living husband. Any other thought that came to her about anyone else she shoved right out of her pretty little head.

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