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The woman shuddered as she wrapped her face in the wraps dampened with chilly dew from the desert. Dew from the desert was hard to obtain; one had to place something metal out in the sands, and wait for morn to come. But if one came to late that morn to collect the metal items, the dew would have already evaporated. On top of that, one had to have access to quite a bit of clean, smooth-surfaced metal objects, for the amount of dew that eventually gathered on the metal objects was quite small. Too small, in fact, to dampen the amount of wraps the young woman with the onyx-colored hair was wrapping about her long but pretty face now. But Nephthys, goddess of protection and the household, had a lot more knowledge of the desert than most, since she was married to the one banished there. She also had nothing but time to gather dew day after day, as her husband was very rarely ever home. "But, now, at long last, my plans can be enacted." Nephthys said to herself, her normally tired, dead-looking expression exchanged for a smile full of uncharacteristic mischief. She only had wraps about her brow, temples, and nose at the moment, but quickly finished up so that no part of her face could be seen at all. "By fire, by night, by birds in flight, I charge thee by dawn's light- to lend to me another's form, with which I promise to do some harm, by the power of this charm." Nephthys touched a pendant hanging from her neck in the form of a scarab, which she'd just recently "borrowed" from her sister, Isis. She could feel her face tingle, but she did not remove the wrappings; in order for the spell to work, she had to wait for the light of dawn to meet her wrapped eyes, and that shouldn't be long. In fact, it happened a mere five minutes later, after which Nephthys jumped at a new set of tingles. Tentatively, she unwrapped her face and gazed into a bowl of water for her reflection. Gazing back at her was the gorgeous, golden face of Isis, whose round, perfectly proportioned face and dark, wide eyes could make practically any man weak in the knees. Isis' face glowed with health and happiness, and Nephthys was struck with a pang of jealousy at the face she was borrowing; once, she, too had glowed with health like this, though her face had been a bit too long and her eyes a bit too small to inspire the same response in men as her sister. But since Set had been banned to the desert, and since Nephthys had followed, her healthy beauty began to dwindle away rapidly the way water is cooked away by the hot sun of the desert. "But now, Neph, you can be beautiful again. Soon, when he finally acnkowledges you exist." And, with that, Nephythys left to go visit with her brother Osiris, who also happened to be married to Isis. He was throwing some sort of party tonight that Neph knew her sister would not be attenting, and Osiris tended to let himself get pretty drunk at such occassions. A mischievous grin came to Neph's borrowed features, and she put a little spring in her step; if cheating was what it took to make her husband acknowledge her, then so be it.

A day and a half later, the otherwise empty house that belonges to Neph and Set was filled with the sounds of heart-wrenching sobs. It had been for naught, her cheating; Set had simply said "That's nice" in his most apathetic of voices and dashed off to go meet with his latest boyfriend. He didn't love her, she knew that, but at least anger would have been better than this complete indifference. Why, oh, why had she given in to her sister's pestering and married the man she had a crush on but knew was... g@y? She should have known it'd never work. So, something within Nephthys died that day, and she became quite bitter and often cynical.
Nephthys, since she used more or less the same form, looked more or less the same, but younger; pitch black hair, black eyes, caramel-colored skin, a face that could be pretty but was just a tad bit too long for conventional beauty. At first, Neph felt alone, and wasn't surprised at the feeling, but it wasn't long before she heard the grunts, groans, and muttered curses of others around her. Completely disoriented, Neph sat up and clutched at her aching head, wondering where they were and then forcing herself to think that she didn't care. All she knew was that it wasn't Egypt, and she was fine with that; she was sick of the desert. Maybe this place would bring something new. One thing she did know, was that she kept her ability to make and cast spells, and she was glad for that, at least.

Osiris, down in the underworld, was throwing a party to commemorate Set's banishment. He'd been hoping his wife would attend, but she;d sent word that she couldn't. Ah, well; no reason for me not to enjoy myself anyways. Osiris thought as he picked up a drink and sniffed at it before downing it. He had invited his son Anubis, but, as per usual, Anubis had declined. Guess I should expect that by now, but I always keep asking him to come to these things. Osiris shrugged an got back to his party, letting himself get a bit drunk in the process. It was then that Isis arrived. Or so he thought; if he'd been in his normal frame of mind, he'd have noticed that Isis was a bit taller than usual, and that her walk had a bit more hip in it than usual, not to mention that the look in her eyes was not characteristic to his wife at all. "Isis! Thought you couldn't come!" Osiris exclaimed, heading over to who he thought was his wife. Isis giggled and wrapped her arms about Osiris' neck and said "I found tht I had the time for it, after all. Now, are we going to party, or are we going to party?" 'Isis' had arrived late, and so the party was winding down; she'd chosen her time perfectly. Osiris got the hint, grinned, and whisked her off to his private quarters, where they had a little 'party' of their own.
Osiris didn't know it, but his once greenish tinted skin was now back to a normal tan color, and he felt more, well, alive than he had for many, many years. Especially since, when they'd arrived to wherever this place was, he'd landed flat on his face and his nose had started gushing blood. Blood! He hadn't actually bled at all since the day he bacame an undead zombie-god. Heh, zombie, that's a funny word. Osiris thought to himsef as he sat up, clutching his bleeding nose. Come to think of it, how did I even know that word? It never existed as such back home, even though I kinda fit that definition, except for the mindless part. Well, Isis would claim that I fit that part of the definition, I suppose. Finally Osiris ripped off two bits of his tee-shirt tee-shirt? and stuffed them up his nostrils to stop the bleeding. Oddly enough, he still had his knack for farming, seeing as how he more or less invented that practice. He, like Anubis, also kept his power over the dead, though in his case, he could see and talk to ghosts, whereas Anubis could put people under. We've always made a good team, my son and I. Osiris thought a little absent-mindledly as he checked his nose to see if it was still bleeding. Fortunately for him, it had more or less stopped, though he left the parts of his ripped shirt just to be safe. He was quite glad that it was too dark for the majority of people to see, for he knew he looked rediculous.

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