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Default 04-21-2010, 11:49 PM

This isn't nescisarily boy trouble as in "Does he like me?" "How do I tell him?", but more as in "How do I tell him I am really not interested and make him back off and stop without seemsing like a total b*tch."

Well, there is this boy, lets call him James. James has known me since 7th grade, but up until we got into high school, he's been a total b*****d to me. Turns out he's liked me since 7th grade, and in ninth grade he was going to ask me to homecoming, but I pretended I wasn't home, and he eventually left. I've acted like a total b*tch to him, but that didn't work. I've told him flat out thatI don't like him, and that didnt work either, and rather backfired on me, considering he went suicidal because "no one liked him or cared about him anymore." So I have to be careful about how I deal with this, because I don't want to be the cause for his suicidal thoughts...again.

I should probably also add in that he always comes over to my house because he is "friends" with my brothers. I'm not sure how much of this as he is actually friends with them, or if he is just trying to get close to me. Also, hes slept over at my house (GROOS! D: ) and my mom thinks hes a nice kid. It's not that I hate him, it's just I'm sick of him fliriting with me, and kindof just talking to me in general.

Now, I know that sounds super b*tchy, but I'll try to be nice to him and be like "Hey James," but he will just glare at me and then later when he says hi to me, complain at me for 'ignoring him.' He also will hangout with my friends and say things loudly, such as "Hey Trevor, Ceilidh is SUCH a huge sl*t." Hello, I don't dress like a ****, so shut your face before I punch you. I obviously don't want to talk to him, because it seems as if I can't win with not making him complain.

Now I really want to get the message across to him that I don't like him, probably never will, don't want to date him. But at the same time I don't want to let him down too gently so hell still pester me, but not too harsh that he will go suicidal again. Help? ):

baby, you got me. ♥
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