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Default 04-17-2010, 01:30 AM

People who don't respect other opinions, sure I understand if someone's being stupid it's right to let them know but people who just type back using a lot of abusive language and ouright telling people they're wrong p*ss me off, is it that hard to just state why you disagree politely? -.-
Also people who can't seem to have a proper conversation...well actually maybe they can it's just I can't understand their method of typing >.>
It just annoys me.
And then the users who sign up for the forums and then never come online...why sign up? Is there something about joining a thousand forums but never coming online that's 'in'. Of course many people have logical reasons and it's all good ^.^ But people who sign up for he fun of it, stay online for two hours and dissapear for no reason whatsoever are irritating as hell.
Oh and the people in who go onlin and submit totally stupid and non understandable stories online on sites such as Quizilla. It is all very well to submit stories and pieces of writing online, I like reading a lot of them in fact ^.^ Some of them are just utterly pathetic though and may as well be titled 'My Character goes to the beach goes to the beach' or 'My character saves the world with no help at all' or 'Everyone falls in love with my character". It saddens me to think this is what english is coming to. I feel like being sick when I come across a paragraph containg a detailed description of one character's hair and facial features and clothes. It makes me feel worse when i read on only to find out this character can sing like an angel, fight better than any other character, has perfect features and can also feed five toddlers at the same time as unblockinga toilet snglehandedly.
Okay I admit I'm jealous of the baby and toilet unblocking skill, it could come in handy when babysitting toddlers xD
And worst of all, people who come online and claim that their whole family has died in a tragic car crash or something of the sort, all I have to say to them is "What are you doing on here then?" If it's true then you must be a pretty horrible person not to be upset and to be posting about it to the world instead of going through with normal procedures. Don't you have any guilt or sense of family? Of course if the person an utter fake they won't, it's pretty darn easy to tell as well. Writing "My famly lyk all dyed ysterdy lol" isn't very convincing, brush up on your english and acting talents before trying to fool us at least, If you're going to be lying outrageously use correct grammar and have a clever and interesting that can interest us and is also believable.

I have one last message directed at people who send chainmail as well-
I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal
food trough whopper! I in your general direction! You mother
was a hamster and your father smelt of eldeberries.

Monty Python lovers will understand xD

Apologies for my ranting xD

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