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Name: Kiki Jackson
Age: 5
Appearance: Kiki has dark blonde hair down to her waist, and insists on always wearing pigtails. She has grey eyes and short lashes, and has a dimple on only one cheek when she smiles.
Personality: Kiki is a tattletale, but only because she hates it when people do wrong things; she wishes everybody could play nice. She’s very open, honest, and naïve.
Bio: Kiki grew up in a middle class family, and is cherished by her mother, but her father is rarely home. He occasionally beats her, so she avoids him at all costs.
Daemon: Gigi (pronounced “jee-jee”)

Name: Nicole (Nikki) Jackson
Age: 20
Appearance: Nikki is a short brunette with blue eyes, and an upturned nose. She is slightly pear shaped, and has small feet.
Personality: Nikki is a bit of a doormat, and has almost no will of her own. Her daughter is the only thing that matters in her world, and she would do anything for Kiki.
Bio: Nikki grew up with strict parents, and then married an abusive, adulterous husband because he impregnated her out of wedlock at the age of 15. She hates the fact that she can’t find it in her to even yell at her husband for cheating, let alone fight back when he hits.
Daemon: Chris, a little grey field mouse

Kiki had left the house; daddy was home. She hated daddy; he was mean, and he even once had hit Gigi. So she was wandering the streets, even though mama didn’t like it, because she was afraid of the Blackbirders. Kiki was too young to really understand the concept of the Blackbirders. So she meandered from street to street in her drab, white sundress and sandals. Gigi was nervous; while Kiki was relatively unconcerned about falling to harm, Gigi was freaked to the point of paranoia; he saw somebody hiding within every shadow, thought every footstep or voice calling out was the sound of someone following or chasing after them. So, when Kiki rounded a corner and saw a young teen shoving bits of pie into his mouth, Gigi, in the form of a parrot, quacked and turned into a ferret, then crawled into her shirt. “It’s okay, Gigi.” Kiki cooed to her daemon. “They won’t hurt us, they’re kids, like us.”

“B-but they’re b-bigger. Much bigg-ger!” Gigi protested.
“Well, it doesn’t matter now, ‘cause your noise-making was so loud that they gotsa know we’re here.” Kiki replied.

Meanwhile, Nikki had long since made dinner and was calling for Kiki and Gigi, obviously to no avail. She was worried. Beyond worried, actually; what if someone had stolen her baby, her only reason for living?

Suddenly, a large man came up behind her; he appeared to be in his late twenties, if not thirty already. “So the little brat is gone, eh? Oh, well, that means more for me!” He laughed.

How can you say that? She’s your daughter! Nikki thought. She didn’t, of course, say this aloud; that would result in a beating. “Yes, dear.” She said meekly; it was best to just placate him, stuff him full and then let him sleep. Then she would be free to search for Kiki and Gigi.

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