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Default *The Fat Cat Shop* - 04-01-2010, 06:03 PM

Thankyou for firstly opening this thread, yes I know the name might have put you off but thankyou for taking a leap of faith and opening ^.^

In truth there is nothing really to do with Fat Cat's here it's my Avi and Siggy shop, for all you lovely people to request matching and often glitter sets of da Avi and da Siggy. No the name for this shop was inspired by my kitty who has just walked in, he is either overweight or extremely fluffly, hence the The Fat Cat Shop was born. Depening on the business and bustleiness around here I may offer to make more things in my shop but for now we shall stick to da Avi and da Siggy (you may realize I spell them with capital letters, I believe that they are important in this computerish world of ours, so please don't lecture me on my grammar, yet).

Enough about my furry feline though. I do have a few rules I would like you to follow and respect if you do decide to request your Avi and Siggy here.
Firstly- Give me credit somehwere, this is a must, either credit me or The Fat Cat Shop with a link, you can even just type it in really small font under your siggy, just please, give credit.
Secondly- To clear up the meaning of Avi and Siggy with people, an avi is the little icon that appears next to your post when you comment, lots of people have dolls however the kind of avi I will be making is more likely to have pictures,glitter and text. The Siggy is the banner type arrangement that appears under your comment when you post, it's common to have matching sets of da Avi and da Siggy.
Thirdly- I'm not Superwoman, far from it, please give me time, if I'm not done in a week and a half you can nag me and complain, until then be patient and wait please.
Fourthly- Thanks again for opening this thread, hope if you do request you like what I make you ^.^

Now for the form, for all you lovely people to fill in-

Avi- (yes/no)
Siggy- (yes/no)
Matching-(yes/no, though please make it yes if you want both avi and Siggy)
Image-(provide link or tell me what you want in the picture and I can find it for you)
Glitter- (yes/no)
Glitter Colour-(self explanitory)
Extra Props/Images-(explain)
Text- (yes/no)
If Yes what does it say-
Colour theme- (If you have a preferred colour theme)

Thankyou ^.^

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