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Default Street Fighter {RP} - 03-29-2010, 09:34 AM


1. If you wish to join this RP, you must join as an established Street Fighter character. You must also play in character and not twist the character to suit yourself. Pairings are allowed, as there are many matchups hinted at in the Street Fighter universe, however be realistic.

2. Please PM me first before joining, unless you are experienced at RPing. If you are unsure as to whether or not I consider you experienced, then I'd prefer it if you messaged me rather than just jumping in.

3. If a character is taken, then hard luck; choose another. A list of Street Fighter characters can be found here. Please don't just choose one at random; think about whether or not they already fit the established plot first, and second if you can get a feel for them.

4. No Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Obey the RPG forum rules.

5. There are no character forms, so you must introduce the character within your intro. If you wish, you can do as I have done and make a "then" intro paragraph which is set in the past before you make your "now" one, but this is not compulsory. It's just something that's good to do to help other people get a feel for your character, especially if they are unfamiliar with the characters.


Character List.

Cammy - Miranda
Vega - Miranda
Chun Li - Queenie
Guile - Queenie
Rose - Chessie


M Bison is the ruthless leader of a secret terrorist organisation, Shadowlaw, and has been ruling it with an iron fist for years. As well as his various shady deals, including selling weaponry to various guerilla groups, Bison's main obsession is of finding the world's greatest fighter. Should he find this champion, Bison's evil plan is to brainwash him or her in order to use them as an assassin. But that is not his only plans for this as yet unknown individual. Bison has a secret laboratory, the location of which is unknown to all but Bison and his most trusted henchmen. He has for years been working on various experiments; cloning, tissue combinations, drugs; some of which have been tried out and found to be successful. These experiments are cloaked in secrecy, but some of the subjects who endured these inhuman experiences are still alive, and still out there somewhere in the world, tho not without both mental and physical scars. M Bison plans to find this mythical greatest fighter by holding a street fighting tournament for all the greatest fighters in the world. He will pit the competitors against each other and also against the most powerful fighters in his organisation. The last left standing will be the winner.

Elsewhere, rumors abound of an underground terrorist organization that has unleashed several attacks on worldwide governments and political figures around the globe. The people are frightened, suspecting government conspiracies and cover ups. The assassin is rarely glimpsed, but leaves a trademark in the form of a slashing claw mark on the victim's front door. These people are not even safe in their own homes, not even with the best security money can buy. The mystery assassin can get into any house, any apartment, any hotel room... and he does this with stealth and secrecy, so much that there are no witnesses who have seen him enter. In fact, on several occassions, the only inkling that anything was wrong was the next morning when the victim was discovered dead. The bodies are never intact; they are torn and butchered as tho attacked by a wild animal, with blood spattering all over the walls. Only the trademark claw slash in the wood is the clue that links all the killings together and shows that they are all committed by the same assassin... but there is no other evidence. Interpol believes that the assassin is in the pay of Shadowlaw, and has dispatched its finest members to track down the organisation's sinister leader, M Bison.

M Bison however has other concerns to focus his attention on. One is of course Interpol; which threatens to destroy everything that he has worked hard to set up. This faction is getting closer and closer to discovering his secret and destroying the work that has gone into establishing Shadowlaw and everything connected with it. Another is a military team who are unhappy with the arms deals that Shadowlaw has with various terrorist and guerrilla factions who are the enemies of the civilised world and who seek to attack the powerful countries America and the UK. This team has vowed to track down Bison and Shadowlaw and ensure that neither are around to cause any more trouble. Bison does not believe that he can be defeated, however only a fool would ignore a double threat like this; and Bison is no fool. Not only does he have convential weapons at his hands, but also his own supernatural powers which can be utilised against those he considers his enemies. He also does not care if representatives from both factions attend and compete in his tournament. Let them come. Let them come and be defeated once and for all.

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