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I have quite a few fears....hmm...let's list them off.

Spiders......i really have no idea why. I used to love spiders and now I get soooo scared. One time we were on our way to the computer lab at school and this little spider crawled in front of me and I freaked out!

Bees/Wasps......again, no idea why. Maybe a few years ago i was planting flowers with my friend and she ticked off some bees but they ended up stinging me. Two times from two seperate bees on the same exact spot on my back. Eeeekkkk

Being Outside at's from growing up on ghost stories. I cannot let my dogs outside when I'm home alone at night. I freak out that they're going to be eaten by something. So if they're out there for more then a few minutes after I let them out I have to get a flashlight and check on them.

Flies......well, this is an odd story. I actually just became scared of them today. I was eating an apple outside at lunch and I was about to take a bite when I look down and see something black and crawly on my apple right where I was about to bite! I thought it was a spider so I screamed at the top of my lungs. My friends all looked at me and I just about started crying that's how scared I was. Then it kept flying around and I was soooo freaked out O_O

Heights......Being on top of the strastephere in Las Vegas did this one for me. I used to not be scared of heights at all, in fact I loved them! And now when I'm like....on the roof of something I feel nauseous and I have to stand, or rather kneel, far away from the edge and I hyperventilate and all that snazzy jazz.

2012......Yes, I am scared of what will happen in 2012. The thought of the world ending terrifies me O_O' It probablly terrifies everyone but still....I mean, my parents came home to see me sobbing because we had watched Knowing the day before. Then my sister comes home with all this crap about how its going to end and such.

Global Warming......I don't want Hawaii and California and the West Coast to be flooded!! I don't want Colorado to have an ocean!!!!!! Ugghhh!!!!!

Growing Old......I cannnot stand thinking about me growing all old. It terrifies me! I'd really much rather die young and be remembered with a youthfull face than an old wrinkly one.

My family Dying......Yep. This is pretty self explanitory. I don't want to see the day that my mom passes away or my sister or my brother or my dad

This is probablly the weirdest one yet....

People touching the arches of my feet, or just the arches of feet......I have no idea how this came to be. This summer I went to a pageant and this girl was doing lyrical dancing and I nearly started crying because I couldn't stand the way she was bending her feet. I kept on hiding my face and my mom was like, "What in the world are you doing?" and my reply was, "Her feet terrify me!!!" Now I have nightmares about someone stabbing the arch in my foot. I also have to keep my feet covered or else my arches start hurting, so that's part of it. I know, I'm sooo weird O_O'

"Are you my mummy?" "Don't blink." "Count the shadows." "Look behind you."

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