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Default 03-10-2010, 10:05 PM

I hate people who act like children...

Like my mortal enemy. >.> God dammit, I didn't think it was possible to HATE anyone so much! Holy shiz, she makes me literally want to stab her in the throat or something. None of my friends like her (some can put up with her though, but mainly only because the guy she's with everyone seems to like - EVEN THOUGH HE IS A PLAYING DOUCHEBAG).

She looks like a troll. No joke. A troll, or a hobbit of some sort. Not like appearance is everything, but her troll like appearance seems to match her winning personality. -sarcasm- She cries over every little thing, and then her boyfriend has to try and fix it.

I actually do not believe her brain has developed properly. I don't think she has matured past the age of 12. In some cases, probably not past five. She brings this stuffed little toy thing everywhere, and if anyone does so much as touch it, she's like, "GIVE ME BACK MY MOMO!!" O_o Then is anyone ELSE happens to have a toy, she wants it.

She also thinks she's the "biggest fan" of everything. She's apparently the biggest Alice in Wonderland fan (because that's the thing now, I suppose), but she couldn't finish the phrase: "Mad as a _______.", and she has no intention of reading the books.

She thinks she's hot sh*t too. Every guy "has a crush on her"... sorry, hun, we've played games of "would you ever?", and whenever anyone asks a person if they would ever do you, they say "EW, NO."

Oh, and some of my friends and I are stalking her boyfriend, apparently. He works part time with one of our other friends at the BestBuy across the street from the mall I work at. If I go to BestBuy at all to say hi to them, or buy anything, we're "stalking" him. WTF? Chill the f*ck out.

OH, and finally, she's a b*tch. She doesn't think that my fiance and I are really engaged (she thinks we're trying to annoy her or something by lying about that... WTF?) and she thinks the idea of my fiance and I sleeping together is "ewwy" and "gross". NEWFLASH, you b*tch, you look like Frodo, and your boyfriend's a chick with a d*ck smaller than mine, okay? yeah. OH, and I'M the sl*t? They apparently did it after a couple weeks of dating. I waited FOUR MONTHS with my fiance. So, yeah, who's the wh*re now?

-end of rant-

If you didn't get it, I HATE THIS UGLY, IMMATURE, B*TCH more than I've ever hated anything/anyone else in my life. That's a hard thing to do... I can be a hateful person. >.<
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