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List of mentors:

Name: Becca (preferably Pixie on here)
Type: Dollmaker
Shading style: Mainly pixel and a tiny bit of tool
Program(s) you use: Jasc Animation Shop 3, MS Paint &
Preferred bases: ShUni/Unique bases
How long have you been dolling? About four years
How often are you online? Everyday
Specialities (if any): I am good at shading bases, drawing some clothing(skirts, tops etc.), editing/recolouring & animating. I can't draw hair very well or legs.
Examples of work:
Examples of critique: I was a judge for the dollmaker part of the Miss TDP pageant(see for reference).
Students: (current/max) 0/1

Name: Amy
Shading style: pixel
Program(s) you use: as3, pse, tdp premi
Preferred bases: anything!
How long have you been dolling? since 2003
How often are you online? daily. my best days for dolling are wednesday-sunday.
Specialities (if any): glitter, combining different heads and bases, anything on as3

Examples of work:Examples of critique: Most of my critiques are in the clubs talks, so i can't link to them. Here's one: And I'll copy some others:
  • I used the same base, but i never thought of editing it like you did. Very creative, especially how their arms are linked! And i LOVE those heads. The background is really pretty, but the girls' red leotards are blending in. It might look better if the leotards were white or green.
  • that's really pretty! I love the blue tail. The only thing that detracts from the doll is that the skin tone on her head is much tanner than the skin tone on her body.
  • I'm so glad you added a frame, that's that your other Princess entries were lacking. but the black is too harsh for an angel. I think white or pale blue would have been better. The lilies are blocked by the text on the bottom, but the floating fountains are really cute.
  • You are always so creative with props, and this is a great example. I love the background, and the amount of sunflowers you used really makes it seem a garden. The only teensy little problem is the fringe hanging off her skirt. It looks odd
Students: (current/max) 0/2

Name: Hayley
Type: Handdrawn
Shading style: Pixel
Program(s) you use: MS Paint
Preferred bases: Soft, medium sized, full body, standing. I have a couple people whose bases I prefer...
How long have you been dolling? A couple months past 2 years now? I think...
How often are you online? Kind of often. Well, I used to be on more often, but I still drift around a little every day. Sometimes I just don't post too much unless it's important, since I'm a little busy.
Specialities (if any): Hair (I think I'm pretty good at that), colour choice, and I'm pretty good with jeans too. =D Things I can't do... Um, well, I'm currently in the learning process with male dolls. :P
Examples of work:
Examples of critique:
"It's a cute concept and an improvement. I think you should try making your lines a little smoother, because they look too jagged and boxy. Smooth, clean, rounded lines look best in the end. With a couple touch ups here and there, it could be even better."

"I'm not sure the colours go all to well together. Maybe making the green a little lighter and less saturated would help it mesh better with the cream. Try playing around with colours before you're totally finished, and you'll find some amazing colour combination's. Other then that though, it's very pretty. Keep at it!"

"Nice doll. You're getting so good at this. The only critique I have is the palettes you used have too much contrast that it doesn't match with the base. Remember, you can always edit the skin tone of the base to fit your style. Of course, this isn't all too necessary at this stage, just a note for the future. The doll looks good as is. =D"
Students: (current/max) 0/3

Name: Kitty
Type: Handdrawn
Shading style: Pixel
Program(s) you use: MSPaint
Preferred bases: Anywhere from prep-sized bases to the medium-sized "Moe" bases. I typically work with standing, but position generally does not matter to me. I also utilize portrait and side profile bases.
How long have you been dolling? Total: 8 years, handdrawn dolling now for close to 5 years.
How often are you online? Generally everyday. I typically am on from 3-10PM est time.
Specialities (if any): Palette creation, side profiles, long dresses, facial edits, patterns & gradients, backgrounds. I generally doll a lot of self portraits and characters(some original, others not). I am currently trying to improve my male dolling abilities.
Examples of work:
Examples of critique:
My Hand-drawns. (Firsts)
Nissa's adorable handdrawns
Taya17's dolls
Students: (current/max) 1/3
Current students: teamjacobrulestheschool

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