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I, too, was raised as a Roman Catholic, but I don't quite feel the same way about it as Amy does. That being so, I don't quite know what religious "type" I am atm. I do know I am a Christian. I also know that no matter which church I was in, whether it was the beautiful Sacred Heart Cathedral of my childhood, the massive Christian churches I attended in my teens, or the very homely Baptist churches I go to today, I always prayed to the same God. In short I'm a little confused at my "type".

My Faith has always been an off and on sort of thing. I was a devoted Catholic in my childhood, I even specifically recall wanting to be a Nun. About the time my parents split up is when it got shakey. I remember not believing in anything during middle school, it was an on off thing of Fate, astrology and reincarnation. Eventually, in high school I started to believe in Christianity again, becomming a devoted Christian. I was also more open to other Churches once I was out of the Catholic 'mindset'. When I moved to Tennessee four years ago I started going to a Baptist Church with my then boyfriend. We hit a rough spot shortly after being married financially and eventually we lost Faith. It wasn't until this Christmas that I had a sudden urge to go to a Catholic cathedral that I felt somehow drawn to Church again. Shortly after that midnight mass on Christmas morning my husband's 3 years of bad "luck" had suddenly turned around. He recieved a phone call one morning from a staffing agency wanting him to to take a position that paid a lot more. I was blessed. I had cried while praying that Christmas morning, asking for forgiveness, and mercy, and for help. We'd been broke for 3 years, and it was only getting worse. When all of a sudden a fantastic job presented itself to us I was in complete awe. We went back to the Catholic church, but when the sign up process got shakey I began to wonder which church I was 'supposed' to go to. We were running late one morning while going to the Catholic church, so we decided to go to the closer church, which was a Baptist church. There were no more kinks after that. Every service we went to thereafter seemed to speak to us directly. Talking about how those who ask for mercy and help shall recieve it, how debt and suffering will one day be turned around for He is Lord, just so many different things that spoke directly to us. We often cried while praying from then on.

About a month ago I started having urges to do something. Something I felt I was 'supposed' to do. One day in church it occured to me just how powerful it would be to help other people in their faith. I somehow connected that with book marks for Bibles, but my urges stopped at that thought.

So our life had started back up, and it was now time to get out of debt. Our bggest debt was owed to Aaron's parents. I one day had an urge to pay her a large sum of money, and how handy to have an extra paycheck show up from Aarons previous job? When we decided to use the unexpected money to pay his mother she was absolutely stunned. It turns out that she had prayed, not 24 hours previously to when we decided to pay her that she begged God for his mercy and for a 'Mana from Heaven' (great gift from heaven, mostly referred to as food or money), and then all of a sudden we're there with her Mana.

Shortly after that incident, maybe 3-5 days my MIL started planning a family meeting to discuss her cancer and future bone marrow transplant. She was extremely concerned about the very likely possibility of being out of work for 4+ months. An absence that long will lose her job.

Now my urge is back, but it's now in the form of a fund raiser and Faith reminder. I believe it's my calling to help my MIL. This woman rescued me from an abusive stepfather, from a life that would have been cut very short. How convinient that we owe her money in her time of need? How convienient that a check shows up in the mail that we weren't expecting? And how convienient that I had a plan ready on the spot to help her out again?

I am most definately a devoted Christian. Too many things have happened to us that couldn't possibly lead to anything but.

As for corruption in the religious system, I can definately see some evils at work. Just because a priest is a priest, does not make him a true priest of God. They are not hand picked by God, and like all humans they too are sinners. I don't hold my Faith to them or any other priest or preacher. I hold it to God, so just because one of them fails, that does not mean that me or my Faith will.

And to the church being only about money, I can see where you're comming from, but I see it differently. We live in a human world, a world that does revolve around money. Mercy and Mana can be given with money or produced with money. A church, like anything has to run off of something, donations from it's members keep it going and it is by no means mandatory. A church will not kick you out if you do not pay, so saying it's all to to with money hardly makes sense.

I hope I didn't offend anyone, or single anyone out, those were not my intentions. I too am simply stating what I believe and I by no means think any less of someone who doesn't believe as I do.

P.s. Sorry about any typos, this was written up on my phone xD

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