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Default 01-18-2010, 09:42 PM

This is going to be a massive list. Since I somewhat live across three households at this point in time and my own apartment, its a little weird describing pets.

At my father's, we have two dogs. Maisey is a german short-haired pointer, Cooper is a welsh springer spaniel that we rescued after he was abandoned. We also have a pond full of many koi fish, probably about 20+ including the recently found babies. The fish I count as mine since they can live well over 100 years, so I will be inheriting them.

At my mother's, we have currently four cats, soon to be only three. The oldest is my cat Gremlin, who is this mixed-color(mostly black) grouchy lady. She has breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes, so she will soon be leaving us so we can prevent pain for her. It killed my mother to see her cat dieing last fall, I can't imagine how bad she'll take Gremlin dieing since both her cat and mine grew up together as kittens.

Next, we have Pogo. He is this fat white with black spots cow cat, with the added benefit of also being extra fluffy. He has to be about 9 right now and has the daintiest meow for his size. He likes to smother me in the night when I am sleeping. We also have a 1 year old cat named Lucky. He's a black cat with some white and this adorably hyper semi-kitten. My mother rescued him after his old owner tossed him out on the streets. His playmate is Misty, who is our kitten who is only about 6 months old. She has this beautifully soft grey fur and loves to cuddle. She also is a wild thing and constantly harasses Lucky, pouncing on his tail and picking fights. They are always together playing, just like a bunch of little kids.

Finally, as mom's, we have a very old lab mix named Xena. She's been very sick lately. She has an issue with skin dandruff, combined with an ear infection, which has led to nonstop itching. The poor dog, she doesn't deserve that sort of trouble. We were really worried it was mange, so at least its just a breed issue.

Finally, at Jay's, we have recently invested in twenty bajillion fish. We have two tanks going at the moment, but over the summer I am going to take his extra 5 gallon and bring my fish to my apartment. In the 3 gallon, we have this red and blue betta named the "Fishuation", a play on the name "The Situation" from that guy from jersey shore. He played like he was this big tough guy, constantly facing off with his reflection, so I named him that.

In the 10 gallon, we have four green cory catfish and two guppies. We just bought the guppies and two of the cories today(we tested them out as tankmates for the betta, but he is too aggressive for them). We seem to refer to each cory as "Cooper Catfish"(a nickname that Cooper has because he likes to swim with the koi fish all of the time and tries to catch them. He always fails, except once where he caught it by accident, then it slightly out of his mouth). The guppies are mine, one blue and one yellow. I named them Lune and Sol for the time being, but that is bound to change as I come up with more affectionate names. Later this we we are going to buy a small school of neon tetras to round off our 10 gallon tank.

Not sure yet what I want in my 5 gallon. I obviously am going to take my guppies, but I still have space for a few more fish. I'm thinking about just buying more guppies, they make me incredibly happy and don't scare me. I really want a pearl gourami for the big tank, but our petsmart doesn't have one. I still hope to find one though.

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