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Well...when I went into middle school I was so scared that everyone would treat me weirdly because I was brand new and they had all been in the same school for a really long time (it's a K-12 school) but I soon discovered that most everyone was nice. Except for one girl who was my friend until I started hanging out with her friend. Then it got ugly. It started with jacket stealing, then went onto talking behind our backs, then it went to spreading rumors. (Let's call her W? My friend is D, and I'm me ) See...W I guess got jealous and when I left my jacket with my other stuff in Science she decided it was going to be funny to steal my jacket and make me think it was in the boys bathroom. Well, everyone thought this was just hilarious except for me because this particular jacket was a gift from one of my biggest role models. I told her that it wasn't funny but she said it was. D agreed and told me they hid it in the boys bathroom. I freaked out. Then later during science the science teacher held up my jacket -w- I was soooooo mad. Then...a few weeks after that she stole my jacket again. I finally got it back from her and I went up to her in the hallway and said that it wasn't funny it was just immature and dumb. So later she and D were texting and she said that all I wanted was attention and that I wasn't a real friend. D told her that wasn't true and that she needed to get over herself (because she pretends her family hates her and acts all emo and depressed when in truth she has a really good life) or she would start losing close friends. Well, she showed her older sister this and her sister sent D a text back saying "This is S(initial) W's eldest sister. If you ever send my sister texts like that again you will be dealing with a very angry highschooler." Well naturally D took this as a threat, and she made this whole big deal about it. I told her to go tell the principal but she said, "Nooo that will just make W more mad at me!" So I just rolled my eyes and said "Fine, if you want her to push you around like this go ahead. But I won't be apart of this litte tiff" and I walked away. Since then I refused to hang out with W and I'm trying to spend less time with D. D says I should give her a second chance, but I already have and she blew it by talking about me behind my back. So yeah, I'm just sort of done -.-

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