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Name: Bethany Rodney
Age: 19
Race: Human
Appearance: Bright, bright dyed orange hair; natural hair color is a light brown. Blue eyes, not pale and not tan either. Has freckles.
Personality: Bethany is very straight-forward and isn't afraid to get in people's faces to get their attention; this isn't out of being nasty, it's out of necessity as she is deaf and hates it when people don't look at her when they're talking to her. Very friendly and loves jokes.
Bio: Beth wasn't born deaf; she became very ill when she was a kid and lost most of her hearing. While she does use hearing aids to an extent, she finds them basically useless. Knows sign language, but as most people don't, she writes in a notebook that she takes with her whereever she goes. Has been held back in school several times due to her hearing disability as well as her recent rebellion against several school policies; is in junior year. Her dad died when she was 14, which is why she acts out as much as she does; when he was alive, he fought to let her go to school without a sign-language interpreter, and now she has one following her around everywhere even though she doesn't see the need for one.

Name: Ariella Weathers
Age: 132, looks 18
Race: Werewolf
Appearance: Similarly to Bethany, bright orange hair, only with Ariella it's natural. Gray-blue eyes, same skin tone.
Personality: Not at all friendly; tends to snap a lot at those in her pack and gets into trouble in school frequently. A very few close friends are the only ones who escape her wrath, but even then she snaps at them as well. The few times she is even friendly is right before and right after the full moon; she doesn't know why.
Bio: Ariella was bitten when she was 18; and she's hated being a werewolf ever since. At first, she went to extreme lengths in the hopes that she'd be killed, but it never seemed to work. As a result, she's a very sour person and would much rather be left alone, but the whole pack-mindset thing was with her when she was a human; she was part of a very large family and misses the feeling of belonging. She doesn't have this feeling with her pack, which is part of the reason she snaps at them so much. She also used to sing for the church her family attended, but hasn't sung in years.

Name: Arik Roarke
Age: 216
Race: Vampire, lamia
Appearance: Short brown hair, grass-green eyes. Tanned skin because of genetic heritage. Usually wears leather jackets, jeans, and tshirts of varying colors. Is also rarely seen without his guitar case and duffle bag. Is around 6'3".
Personality: Arik is a very amiable man and gets along with most everybody; a singing comedian by night and a music teacher by day, he spends most of his free time lazing in the park as he doesn't give his students homework unless they're misbehaving horribly (therefore, he doesn't have to grade anything and has plenty of free time on his hands). Homework in his class has yet to happen, as for the most part the kids he works with behave well. He doesn't party as much as he used to and misses it a bit, but knows that if he over-does it he'll lose his job. Also has no problems with werewolves; there were a few in the reservation he grew up in and he sees no reason to hate them.
Bio: Arik was born Jackrabbit on a Native American reservation in the western U.S.; however, as he grew up, the name became an embarrassment to people who weren't familiar with the culture and he changed it to Arik; he earned the last name when he was living for a short period with a human family during the Great Depression. The reason he'd taken pity on them was mainly due to the fact he has a daughter of his own, Jesie; they used to travel together, but when he finally told her that her mother hadn't died in childbirth and had actually up and left, she disappeared and he hasn't seen her since. While he knows she can handle herself and isn't a foolish vampire, Arik still worries about her - and that's why he helped the human family, the Roarkes, because their only daughter was very sick and everybody was working to try and pay for her medical treatment. After she recovered, he was unofficially adopted into their family, and a few years later he left to continue his travels. He did run into Jesie once during the 1950's, but as the encounter was less than friendly, he doesn't talk about it and still has scars from it (chairs being thrown is not conducive to a healthy father-daughter relationship.) as a result. To date, he hasn't seen her again and has come to this city for work and entertainment - and maybe, he might run into her again.


Bethany stretched out on the floor, having rolled out of bed when she'd woken up, and stared up at the ceiling. "..mmph." She rubbed her eyes and sat up, cracking her wrists a bit before standing and walking over to her closet to grab her clothes. Did I do the homework this weekend? Bah, forget it. She pulled a pair of jeans on and felt somebody walking on the floor; heavy footsteps, probably her stepdad. She knocked twice on the door to let him know she was awake and grabbed her jumper, checking her hair in the mirror before pulling the sweater over her head. This effectively messed up her hair, but she didn't mind much as that was the general idea of what she was going for today. She stared absent-mindedly at her reflection, thinking, Hello, world, here I come. B*tchy had better not be following me around today, hope she's sick again.


Ariella was already at school, sitting on a staircase and trying to light a cigarette; either her lighter was dead or her hands were just shaking too hard in her anger. She'd gotten into a fight with somebody in the pack again, and this time it was likely to be the last straw before she was kicked out. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why the hell am I the one getting in trouble, she's the one who started it, ransacking my room like that when I was out! She snorted and finally got the lighter to work. Her hair was pulled back in a sloppy ponytail and her clothes - torn jeans, a tshirt with Led Zepplin printed on the back, and old runners - were the ones she'd worn the day before. Thinks I'm falling for a human, stupid b*tch. I'm not an idiot. 'sides, humans are stupid. They all are.

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!

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