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(Posted in two parts due to character limit)

Flynn Hart

Dolph Blake
Ariella Weathers

Bethany Rodney
Alana Childs

Character Form.


Please include at least three weaknesses, and no more than three strengths. They must be realistic, and mesh well with each other. Appearance only merits a couple of sentences; a personality description on the other hand should be fairly extensive. The bio is mandatory, and should include a brief history of your character. Please include whether, if vampire or werewolf, your character is a member of the New Order or not. Characters must be aged 14 - 16 if werewolf or human; vampires can be any age, but those who have lived a long time would appear a certain age. If you are unsure about making a character, then PM Kitty or myself and we will help you.

Name: Dolph Blake.
Age: 15.
Race: Werewolf.
Appearance: Average height and build, dark blonde hair, blue eyes
Personality: Dominant, tends to be a bit bossy, can be rude and overbearing. He's loyal to his pack and to his friends, and also brave, tho he can be impulsive.
Bio: Dolph grew up in a pack that settled down in the middle of the town. He went to school along with the others from his pack, mainly cuz his pack did not want to attract any unwanted attention to themselves from the humans who were all around them. Dolph has clashed with vampires a few times, and generally has little time for humans, save as toys to play with. He is fiercely loyal to the werewolves, and dislikes the vampires intensely due to the belief, fostered in him by his pack, that the vampires started the war and are to blame for all of it. He's moderately good at his lessons, but better at sports.

Name: Flynn Hart.
Age: 450 years old, looks 16.
Race: Vampire.
Appearance: Tall, thin, dark brown hair, amber eyes
Personality: Cold, distances himself deliberately from others, selfish. Flynn is creative, and is clever, tho he tends to be impulsive at times and act without thinking.
Bio: Flynn is a loner. He tends to move from place to place, never staying around for too long. This rootless drifting existance came into being mainly cuz when he was born, his father took off, leaving his mother to raise her child alone. Flynn has never settled anywhere, and joined the New Order mainly to have a family and to belong. He hates and despises both humans and werewolves, and picks fights with werewolves whenever he can. He sees humans as being nothing better than vermin, and has killed on occasion. Despite his stance that he has no feelings, his father's desertion deeply hurt him, and continues to have an affect on him.

Last night...

A young girl walked down a dark street. She knew that it wasn't safe to do so, had been told umpteen times by her parents and by others that she should never take such a risk with her safety. But she had been inside the club til it closed at four am, and she had been so caught up in the fun as she danced with her friends that she had forgotten to put aside money for a cab for the journey home. Still, the walk back was not far, and altho her feet hurt in her new kitten heels that she'd bought especially for this night out, she was sure that she'd make it back. Many young girls have this mentality; the thought that, "It won't happen to me." It wouldn't happen; the monster would not strike, she would make it back home unharmed with only an early morning at school the next day to worry about. As she walked down the street, her eyes fixated on a dark bundle lying accross the pavement. She at first thought that it was a rubbish bag, then, as she got closer, she thought it a shapeless bundle of old clothes. It was neither. The girl stopped dead, her mouth opening in a scream of horror as she saw that what lay accross the pathway was the body of a girl, who lay too still to be merely asleep or passed out. Her face had the paleness of death upon it; there was no mark upon her visible to show how she had died. The young girl could not do anything; she backed away, stumbling on her heels, screaming over and over, until running footsteps signified that someone at least had heard her and was running to her aid.


Next day...

Dolph groaned as his alarm went off. School again; he thought briefly about not going, but gave up on that thought. After all, there was very little to do in the town, and especially in the collection of trailers where his pack had made their home. The locals tended to avoid this area, calling it a commune of weirdos and perhaps worse, which was just how the werewolf pack liked it. No-one had the authority to move them, and no-one would try, anyway. He sat up in bed, pushing a hand thru his hair, which stuck up haphazardly in spikes. Dolph attempted to brush it flat, abandoned the task as being useless, and got out of bed. About half an hour later, he was walking towards the school. He knew he was early, but prefered to make the journey at this time, avoiding the vampires for one thing, and the teeming crowds of humans for another. He had already hunted the night before; still, he might be able to fit in another hunt at lunchtime. It depended on whether or not he'd be able to get out of the school unseen. If there had been another murder, there'd be a security clampdown on the school and no student would be allowed to leave the grounds at all. Dolph thought it was stupid, what this new group were doing; sooner or later, it would come to the ears of the Old Order, or even a hunter, and then all hell would break loose.

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