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It has been a long road & Ebony is really thrilled to be in the final round, she has made some really good friends along the way.
Ebony is on vacation in Spain, she is at a local gala event for aspiring artiists & didn't have anything to wear so she decided to make her own gown for the occasion, she couldnt afford any fabric so she used some old drapes that she had stored away that belonged to her grandmother, The flowers on her dress are freshly picked and she is really proud of what she came up with....She thinks her dress is absolutely gorgeous...Don't you?
Win or Lose...who cares, I had fun!

A BIG Thanks to everyone who entered this comp, there were some really good entries in some of the rounds, Thanks to Kitty & the judges for being completely honest with their critiques there was always a good balance of the positives & negatives.....Thanks guys!

Judges Note: Ness' doll was changed due to an image problem that messed it up. She submitted a new doll instead with our permission due to the problem.

Judges' Critiques
Ebony in Spain, and what a BEAUTIFUL senorita she makes! How perfectly the pops of red go with your character! And that hand made dress is really pretty. How creative to decorate it with bows and roses from the scenery behind her, it really brings the doll together. I do have one issue with the doll though and that is the roses behind her. It seems a bit messy that they don't cut off at the top of the frame like they do at the sides. I also have a bit of advice and that's to use colors that pop for text. The Ebony signature is really hard to read, and though it matches the doll because of the deep red, I feel a silver would have been a better choice.

From the beginning to end of the competition your dolls have stayed consistently beautiful. Always having a background and props has ensured Ebony's place at the Finals. Gorgeous dolls are your specialty, and your use of props/background blends are always something I look forward to seeing.

Throughout the competition I haven't seen Ebony grow a whole lot. I hope to see your Dollmaker skills grow in the future. Even the best need to switch things up from time to time just to keep things interesting. I would love to see some fresh and new ideas from you, start some new trends, make some new impressions.

Congrats to you for making it to the Finals! Good Luck!

This is a well put together doll, that certainly is elegant to say the least! The red jumps out nicely against the dark background and was an excellent choice in making your doll. I like too how they really match the light shades of red in the dress, matching them look less like they were tossed in and more like intentional elements to bring the entire doll together. I'm not sure this particular dress shape was the most flattering, with the large fold in the front being more of a distraction than anything else. My other major issue is how the roses extend onto the frame above the doll, while not doing so on the edges. It looks inconsistent, though still pretty.

I haven't doubted for a second that you would be here in the finals. You have always produced beautiful work, with elegant backgrounds and props, but now you need to expand your work. You have the abilities to do so, so lets see some more new props and clothing. I am also interested in seeing you take your pixeled backgrounds from your handdrawn dolls and utilizing them here too. With practice, you could start a trend that is sure to catch on fast.

I absolutely love the roses in this doll; they match her gorgeous red dress perfectly! I would have prefered them to make a complete border, tho. She looks all dressed up, tho I would have prefered a smaller bow, personally. The text could have been in a different font and colour; it doesn't really stand out enough. The full moon looks gorgeous, and really helps to set the scene. I can imagine her to be standing on that balcony, perhaps waiting for her perfect moment to enter.

Your dolls have always been beautiful; always with a background, and always with a nice border to set it off. I'd like to see, however, you to step out of your comfort zone and try a few new things, maybe a gothic style doll, or a chubby doll. Just a few new things to keep things fresh.

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