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Phelan crept slowly thru the alleyway. He sniffed the air; no trace of humans on the breeze, but he couldn't be sure. There was always the chance of one of those scummy traitors who lived with the humans lying in wait to catch him. As far as Phelan was concerned, if he ever encountered one of the pets away from their master, they would feel his teeth. He had in his past done so; the vulpine traitor had been lucky to escape with his life. Phelan was born to a wolf belonging to a renegade group that lived on the fringes of the city. He never knew his father, and never wanted to; his mother brought him up to be independant and trust no-one. He spent most of his childhood being taught to hate the humans for what they'd done, and to despise the pets. Rude, impulsive, bad tempered and paranoid, Phelan was often suspicious of people's motives. However, he was a loyal friend to those who had gained his trust, and he would protect them to the end.

Phelan crouched down next to some dustbins. Phelan was thin and savage, even in human form. He tended to wear black clothes, so as not to stand out. Right now, he was in his wolf form; a wiry black wolf with amber eyes. He saw a ham bone that still had meat on it and picked it up, cautiously looking out for any renegade who might try and fight him for his prize. Seeing none, he ran off in the direction of the camp.


Kasa stretched luxuriously out on her comfortable bed. She was, as usual, in her lycaon form; her coat freshly brushed, with a pink silk ribbon around her throat. She perked her ears up at the sound of her master's key in the door and jumped up to greet him. She loved her master intensely; as for the idea that by living this life she was betraying her kind, to Kasa that was ridiculous. There was no point in struggling against the tide; the humans were not going to go away and there were far too many of them to fight against. Far better to embrace the chance of living such a life than to constantly starve and fight. She almost pitied the renegades and vigilantes; however, they had made their choice, just as she had made hers. Kasa's parents only wanted the best for her; they saw their life living on the fringes of humanity to be pointless so they gave their daughter away to made into a pet. Kasa grew up knowing no other life, and soon delighted in it. Her master spoiled her rotten and she always had plenty to eat, and a soft bed to sleep on, and the run of the house.

Kasa's eyes were blue; in her human form, she had red hair and wore pretty dresses and ballet pumps. However, she very rarely took that form nowadays as her master prefered her lycaon form and she deferred to his wishes. She could often be spiteful, stubborn and b*tchy towards those she considered beneath her. Kasa however was kind at heart, and very affectionate towards her master. She sometimes got lonely, but tried to push that to the back of her mind.

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