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Default 11-17-2009, 06:13 PM

I hear a lot of people saying that he got the short end of the stick, but I just don't agree. I mean when looked at as PURELY a fantasy, in a world where Meyers vampires and werewolves DO exist, that's just their way of life. Other Pack members imprinted with young and it had happend in previous packs too.

I think it made total sense and was glad for it. That whole hurting Jacobs feelings just so Bella could be happy to have her friend was getting on my nerves. I kept getting upset wanting her to let go already. In the end neither of them could let go no matter what, because during the first 3 books and part of the last one Nessie was PART of Bella. Jacob could never turn away from Bella because PART of her was who he really loved, and Bella could never be decent enough to let go (even though she desperately wanted to) because Nessie was still PART of her. Plus, unlike the other Wolf (Quill, right?), Jacob gets to be with his soul mate much longer than the other Wolves who found their true love at their age equivelance.

Plus Jacob doesn't LUUURVE her, he adores her the same way any over-protective parent loves their child. When Nessie gets older he'll be the friend that will always be there for her. And when she's old enough they'll love each other with as much passion as Sam and Emily. It's like the movies you see all the time where the two kids grow up together and eventually get married, the only difference is one of them doesn't age (but feels the same appropriate way that the other one does no matter what thier age is) and you know if from the get go that they're meant for each other.

Jacob ending up with Bella would have been the short end of the stick. Who wants to love someone with as much passion as physically possible to someone who's just being nice and going with the flow, but who's mind is constantly on someone else? That's unfair, and that's why I didn't like the second book at all. While Edward leaving made TOTAL sense, I absolutely couldn't stand that Bella was going to just use Jacob as a Sun instead of being a wife that he would have been wanting. I was horrified when reading that book the first time through. Getting to the part where she makes up her mind to be with Jacob even though she knows she would never love him like that.

Oh yes, and accepts high five, lol. Wood's accent was definately a main 'hot' feature, lol...and his grin *swoons*.

*GASP!* Omg I SO need to go get our tickets! HOW could I forget something so major?!
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