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Default 10-28-2009, 10:17 PM

Ugh. RANT TIME. Warning, possible swears.

So there's this b*tch, let's just call her b*tch (xD)... This is the girl that the guy I used to like decided to date (aka, jerkface). You know, the annoying one with neither a good personality or good looks - basically no appeal whatsoever. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, my AWESOME AMAZING FRIEND, Kari, (she's literally the sweetest girl ever. She'll do anything to make others happy) was coming into town. One of my other friends, Becky, and I were going to hang out with her on the weekend, and Becky decided to ask b*tch if she wanted to hang out (b*tch was previously one of Kari's best friends).

B*tch laughed and said, "Um, no thank you." in a really mean tone and continued to say, "She ruined my life. I never want to see her again."

Apparently, if it wasn't for Kari, b*tch would have been dating jerkface for 2 extra years. I was thinking, "No offence, b*tch, but you two wouldn't have made it two years."

Anyway, it was totally stupid. So, just because JERKFACE decided to date her and not you before, that means she ruined your life? o_O Maybe if you weren't an annoying psychopath, he would have chose you. >.>

And today... oh... today... >.<

I was hanging out on the city bus (I know, cool place to hang out, right? xD) with them, and I said (mainly to myself) "I want to lose 1 or 2 pounds". B*tch was like, "Yeah, maybe you should. You'd be as skinny as me then."

WTF?! First off, she's shorter than me by 2 or 3 inches. She weighs 105 (or so she says - that doesn't seem healthy, and she's not THAT skinny...) and I weigh 115-120 range. Besides, I much rather have my body than hers. >.>

Then, a couple minutes later, she dissed Kari again, saying she had "good reason to hate her". I almost said, "Why? Cause you're a b*tch?" but I managed to stop myself. I could literally feel the words in my mouth, and I heard them screaming in my head, but I didn't say anything...

Oh, and THEN, I measured my hand up against a guy friend who has HUGE HANDS. I was like, "My hands are so small!" B*tch said, "Let me see." So, I compared my hands to hers, and mine were a little smaller. In a really rude tone (alost like she meant for this to be insulting) "No offence, but your hands aren't small. My aunt has smaller hands."

I was thinking, "Um, did I say my hands were the smallest? No, just that they were small because everyone I compare them to has bigger hands... o_O"

Anyway... That was my rant. xD
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