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Name: Vanilla (Cream's mother)
Age: 38
Description: Vanilla is a very tall woman, and quite like Cream has light orange hair. She often wears neat and formal clothing, as she was taught during her time at a all girl's school.
Personality: Vanilla is very polite and kind, but she takes rules and ettiquette very seriously, sometimes too seriously. She is the math teacher at Mobius High and loves her teaching job. She can take the rules to extreme's but does it to assure the kid's safety and well being.
Bio: Vanilla went to a all girl's school during her childhood, resulting in her strict and polite manner. She has raised her daughter, Cream, to be proper and polite. Vanilla's parents were somewhat wealthy and she has inherited a some sum of the money. Vanilla has put this in the bank for safekeeping rather than spoil Cream in it, in order to raise Cream correctly.

Name: Cream
Age: 12
Power: The ability to fly
Description: Cream has long orange hair that is usually kept in two poofy pigtails. She often wears bubbly dresses usually in a light color.
Personality: Cream is very polite, due to her mothers teachings. She can be very naive and foolish at times, but she can be very eager to help. She dosen't like fighting very much and likes to follow the rules, which often results in teasing. Cream can be a bit of a wuss sometimes; so don't count on her to do something risky.
Bio: Since Cream is 12 years old, she is still in middle school. Cream hangs out with Tails everyday (mostly) after school. Cream has been raised to by her mother Vanilla, and likes her life and love bringing. Cream would never think of leaving her live for any other one.

Vanilla was walking around the cafeteria, watching the students for any signs of misbehavior. She wasn't eating anything, just walking around sternly carrying a cup of tea. Whenever she passed the table Rouge, Knuckles, and Vector were sitting at she wrinkled her nose in disgust and nodded her head to herself. She didn't like this Rouge girl, and how she acted. The one's sitting with her were probably just acting in her example, trying to impress her. She swore to herself silently that she would never let Cream act this way. The bell rang soon after, and Vanilla headed to her math classroom.


Cream was also was eating lunch in middle school, with a group of all her friends. While they were chatting idily about a new hearthrob they had saw on the television, Cream was wondering about what Tails was doing and how high school was. Cream didn't understand why Tails was going to highschool anyway. She understood the whole grade-skipping thing, but she didn't think that they should let Tails go to highschool, he was too small and would most likely be bullied. She hadn't told any of her friends about Tails; she figured they would think she was weird.

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