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Name: Shadow
Age: 16
Power: Super Speed, Chaos Control
Description: Always annoyed or angry, this boy is generally called "goth" and never follows rules. He doesn't talk to many people and would probably excel at sports if he wanted to, but he thinks that the whole idea of school and the people inside it are stupid.
Personality: Emo, gothicish, loner,
He was abandoned when he was born; his mom was a teenager and was going to abort but decided against it, however she put him in the streets instead. An orphanage raised him up and he's been bullied a lot in there, so when he grew up he developed the idea: don't trust anyone, rely on yourself, if they confront you beat them up. He only is on speaking terms with one person: Rouge, who he is friends with. Also he's just pi'ssed at the world, not understanding why he had to be born as a "mistake". He generally doesn't do his work and likes to break rules - especially the dress code; he wears a spike choker and belt, simply because it gives him the appearance of being more formidable. Most people have him on their "not to cross" list, unless they are stupid idiots or they're new. Afrown is etched permanently onto his face.

Shadow scowled, once again having to step foot into this stupid building. He failed every year anyway due to simply not caring, but why they insisted on putting him in next year anyway was a mystery to him.
People stared at him, and it was quite understandable why; his hair was black with red highlights and he wore a black jacket with white fur on the lining. Not to mention, he even had red eyeshadow on - which was sorta creepy, but he wore it in a way that could only mean one thing - that he was utterly, completely goth and that anyone who didn't have a death wish should leave him be. Even his eyes were red, and people seriously wondered if he wore contacts.
Perhaps the most recognizable thing about him was the spikes. He wore a spike choker and belt, and they looked very sharp. This very clearly went against the dress code, but what the hell, he would end up failing every single class anyway as he did every year, so why not break a few more rules?
Grumbling, he continued to stride to the unpopular table, glaring at everyone with that unfriendly frown on his face.

Edit: Hold hold hold, wait, I'm making mel. xD

Name: Mel (Melancholy, Melissa)
Age: 16
Power: Mind-reading
Description: Usually reclusive, this black-haired girl doesn't care much for fashion, but she's a little of a geek and can mind-read as she was born. She has a saddish past but doesn't talk to many people so it doesn't matter. She only talks to people that talk to her.
Personality: Quiet, sort of creepy. She doesn't have many friends besides her sister, but if she finds someone interesting she will stalk them.
Bio: Born with mind reading powers, her parents refused to belive her even though she had inrefutable evidence. A man, whom she calls the Doctor, wanted her for his gambling; she told her sister Kath who went against the man for her. However the doctor, finding out about Kath's plans against him, was about to kill her, but she faked her own suicide and ran away. She's a skilled actress so stuff like that is easy for her, but she's been out of contact for a long time. After her sister's pretended suicide (which she thinks is real), she ran away at age 9 - and has been living away. Her parents are worried about her but she's kept a low profile all these years. School for her is a nice place to learn, seeing as she doesn't want to get behind on reading and writing - so she tries really hard at English, but most of her other classes she either skips or doesn't really care about. She's pretty weak and slow, but her mind-reading gives her advantages.

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