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Name: Dr. Robotnik
Age: 44
Power: super-intelligence
Description: Middle-aged, overweight. He has a round stomach and gradually gets thinner toward the shoulder, which skinny, bony legs and arms. This earned him the nickname "Eggman". Brown, receding hair and thick, bushy brown mustache. He is never seen without his glasses.
Personality: Robotnik is known for his temper and his tendency to babble; many a student has fallen asleep on him during some speech or other only to recieve detention. He loves to cause strife for the heck of it, and is just a cruel man in general.
Bio: Robotnik had always been picked on as a kid, and there was never anyone to hlep him out; he was a super-nerd and overweight with no friends. He soon began to tell himself that he'd get them back later, and from there things just got worse and worse.

Name: Charlie Wilkinson
Age: 37
Power: N/A
Description: About 5'7", blonde-brown hair that's thinning, a big smile, averagely proportioned.
Personality: Generally warm and welcoming. He dislikes slackers in his class. Though he's a nice man, you must kleep a copy of all your homework just in case he loses it (which is often); he's extremely disorganised and even pretty forgetfull. He'd be nowhere without his planner.
Bio: Charlie grew up down in the south, and so has many odd tales of the reckless thing he did as a teen and a kid. His parents were pretty poor, but he knows he had a good life with a loving family.

Name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Age: 12
Power: super-intelligence
Description: Short even for his age, Tails is adored when he isn't being picked on. He has light blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair, and a bunch of freckles across his nose. His skin is literally pertially transparent, so the apparent red coloration to his skin is actually just blood; if he holds his arm up long enough, one would see that he's actually as white as white can get.
Personality: Kind, very forgiving and a bit of a dreamer; he wants to fit in with the 'cool' kids but knows he won't. He has a tendency to ramble and can be a bit anti-social at certain times. It takes a lot to tick him off, but when you do, RUN.
Bio: Tails lives with a relatively poor family, and is regarded by his parents to be a bit of an oddity. Despite this, they do love him, which is all Tails really needs to be happy.

Name: Blaze
Age: 15
Power: pyrokinesis
Description: 5'4". Blaze had lavender hair with violet tips, and ocher eyes (she gets tired of people telling her she is like on of the Cullens from Twilight). Sometimes, when the mood strikes, she sticks a little ruby-colored gem to her forehead. Why? Because she likes it. she has wide feet, small hands, and an average figure as far as teen girls go; she's not a stick, but she's no Rouge.
Personality: Sassy. Like the element she controls; Blaze takes crap from no one, and speaks her opinion freely. She's very protective of Silver and will go to great lengths for him. shedoens't do well with new people, and is actually usually shy; the only time she really speaks a lot is when she's telling people off.
Bio: Blaze's parents are loaded. I mean LOADED; she lives in a gorgeous mansion with a pool, tennis cort, jacuzzi, and the biggest tv screen possible to fit in a home. Blaze hates it; the other kids judge her because of it, or they just want her to throw a party with lots of booze and a dj. Her parents have put her in gymnastics from a young age.

Blaze had watched as Silver had gone straight from the entrance to the table; so sombedoy had stolen his money. Again. She sighed, then pulled out her wallet and bought not one, but two lunches. Blaze then carefully balanced two trays and headed for the table Silver was at, keeping an eye out for somebody who'd dare trip/shove her. When she made it safely, she set down one tray in front of Silver, then sat scross form him. "Hey, though you might like some lunch." she said with a smile. At that moment, there was an announcement.

"Attention all students, this is your principal, Dr. Robotnik, to remind you about the school dress code. Though it is still hot outside, all skirts and shorts are to be to at least mid-thigh, and no tank-tops are allowed, only tee-shirts. If the neckline of a shirt is lower than an inch from the collar-bone you WILL be sent home to change, ladies. Fellas, keep those pants UP! I will not stand to see those boxers in my hallways any longer. No gloves, piercings anywhere but the ear-lobes, spikes, chains, safety-pins, paper clips, or anything else of that nature may be worn to school. Cell phones and mp3s must be kept off and out of sight; if teachers hear your purse buzzing or back pocket buzzing, they are to take away your phone. Only parents or the guardians at the hostel may pick it up. No exceptions. Ladies, purses big enough to fit a standard text book are no longer allowed. Everyday during first periods teachers will be checking the dress-code, students; I expect no further complications this year. Thank you, that is all."

Tails sat alone, unsure of where he was to sit; he'd only been recently moved up to grade 10, after many tests to prove he was ready for it. He was one table away from Silver and Blaze, but his eyes were on the popular table; he longed to be like them. They were always liked, always so... so... cool. He sighed through his nose, then shook his head; yeah, right. They'd never even notice him.

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