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(D@mn you, character limit.)

Name: Knuckles.
Age: 16.
Power: Super strength.
Description: Long red hair in dreadlocks, violet eyes, tall and muscular. Has a tattoo on his right shoulder of an Emerald.
Personality: Knuckles tends to lose his temper very easily. He can also be extremely gullible at times, as well as reckless and impulsive. However, he's loyal to friends and will help them out whenever necessary.
Bio: Knuckles used to live with his parents and little brother Mace downtown, til he rebelled against his father's strictness and the intensely religious upbringing he was subjected to. He ran away from home and currently resides in the hostel. He now has hardly any contact with his family, considering them to have betrayed him. Knuckles plays on the football team as quarterback and retains that position, even if his grades fall down, due to Principal Robotnik recognising his potential.

Name: Silver.
Age: 15.
Power: Telekinesis.
Description: Silver blonde hair in an emo cut, yellow eyes, average height and skinny.
Personality: Silver always seems to look on the dark side of things, and nurtures revenge fantasies that he doesn't dare to put into practice. He's immature for his age, and can be whiny. He's brave, despite things, and a good friend to Blaze, who's his only friend.
Bio: Silver's parents are, as far as he knows, dead and he resides at the hostel. He doesn't get on at all with the other kids there, many of which bully him. He keeps a diary and records everything that happens to him in it, good or bad altho to his mind, the bad outweighs the good. He dreams of the day that he grows up, joins a spy network and can have all his enemies stabbed to death with poisoned umbrellas. XD

Name: Manic.
Age: 16
Power: Can cause earth tremors with his drumsticks.
Description: Longish green spiked hair, blue eyes, average height and build.
Personality: Manic, despite his name, is fairly laid back and gets on well with most people. He does tend tho to have a nasty streak, and an unpleasant side to his personality which comes out at the worst of times. Manic is also a practiced thief, and a skilled computer hacker.
Bio: Manic lived with his parents, his brother Sonic and his sister Sonia til a couple of years ago. He started to resent his brother and sister, believing that they were favoured by the parents and that his side was never going to be taken against theirs. As a result, he left and now lives at the hostel. Manic has little to no interest in school, believing it to be a waste of time as he believes he's going to be a famous rock drummer when he grows up. He plays the drums in band, and shows a lot of promise.


It was lunch time, and the students all poured into the canteen. Knuckles lounged in line, leaning against the counter as he looked around at the crowded canteen. He looked without enthusiasm at the food options; most of it was inedible and what was left, was junk food. He eventually picked out a burger and chips, paid and went to join his friends at their usual table. He wasn't really looking forward to the rest of the day; there was
a whole load of lessons to get thru before he could get back to the hostel. Altho after that, the day had promise... he wondered idly what his friends Rouge and Vector would want to do after school. Some of the other kids might join them, tho of course there were certain students who he and his friends considered to be beyond the pale. Knuckles sat down at the table, throwing his bag to the floor and putting his tray down.


Silver sat alone at a table a few spaces down. He couldn't get any lunch as Vector had taken his lunch money earlier so instead he'd sat down at an empty table and taken his diary out of his bag to record the day so far.

Dear Diary,

As usual, the day has gone badly for me so far. This morning, Vector stole my lunch money and held my head down the toilet. He flushed it fourteen times; I know, cuz I counted. I hate Vector. He always takes my money; it would serve him right if I starved to death. It's Sports after lunch and I know I'll be picked last as usual. Why doesn't anyone like me here, cept for Blaze? If it weren't for her being my friend, everything would be twice as bad.

He finished writing, and carefully closed and locked up the book before putting it back in his bag. Silver sighed heavily, and pulled out a book. He didn't dare look around the canteen in case he accidentally caught the eyes of one of the kids who was always mean to him. He always tried to fade into the background, altho that was difficult at times and tended to look on the dark side of life.

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