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Name: Leela Smarth
Age: 15
School: Hogwarts, Ravenclaw
Class: Essentially, pureblood; however, her father is a Squib.
Personality: Generally perky, a bit spacy as well. Most of the time, insults just go over her head; this can get her into trouble though, as this usually means things that teachers say also go over her head. She's generally a nice kid.
Bio: Leela was born to a witch and a Squib; her father's parents were both from wizarding families, but had no ability in it whatsoever. So when she's asked what she is, she's not entirely sure what to say and just says her grandparents are purebloods. She grew up a peculiar kid, not because she had magical ability, but also because of being a Metamorphagus. While she tends to keep to her original appearance, she can't resist changing her hair color at random. However, if she does it too much, she finds she gets weirdly dizzy. She has a white-speckled brown owl that her grandfather gave her; his name is Free Bird. While her mother expects her to excel at Hogwarts and become an Auror, Leela really has no interest in it and would rather be a musician; she's a talented guitarist and usually instead of studying for her tests, is playing songs from muggle and magic bands. She's also fond of Quidditch, and played Chaser. She isn't very thrilled at being a prefect; but if Dippet picks a Prefect there's got to be a reason, right?

Name: Eugene "Gene" Arnaude (Insult nickname, "Genny")
Age: 16
School: Beauxbatons
Class: Muggleborn
Personality: Eugene is a bookworm; he hates confrontations, and as such rarely speaks up. He's almost maniacally shy and tends to keep to herself. Get him started on something he's interested in - books, mainly, or Quidditch - and he'll go on for hours. He's a loyal friend once you get past his shy exterior. However, as he's very booklearned he seems rather haughty.
Bio: From a young age, Eugene (Or Genny, quite an unfortunate nickname) was a quiet, introverted child; as soon as he learned to read, he read books almost constantly and was rarely without a book in his arms. If at all possible he'll go through one or even two a day, depending on what he's doing, and her parents have berated him for it too; his father was a rugby player and his mother a ballet dancer, and neither saw point in a higher education for him. However, the minute he was told he was accepted to Beauxbatons, he was thrilled to finally be living in what he almost perceived to be a dream. He's very clumsy with magic however and has accidents frequently. Most recently being an attempt at turning water into Pepsi... O_o His left eyebrow is still an odd brownish-red.


Leela, today with her signature short green hair, walked down the aisle of the train car, whistling a song under her breath. Now where's the prefe- Ohh sh*t, not Draven. Ugh. She made a face before sliding open the door. ".. Ah, where's a free seat?" She forced a smile before sidling in and sitting down as far away from Draven as possible. Her owl was perched on her shoulder; Free Bird hated cages. However, that wasn't why that was his name; he appeared to like a lot of Muggle bands. XD He peered over at Draven and made a noise, but otherwise stayed quiet.


Eugene was behind Jacqueline on the way to the carriage; he'd come alone, as his parents were both busy that day. I wonder what it's like at Hogwarts. It's supposed to be huge. He sighed and waited for Jacky to climb into the carriage.

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!

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