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Name: Jacqueline (Jackie) Levesque
Age: 16
School: Beauxbatons
Class: Halfblood
Personality: Feminine, charming, upbeat, and bubbly. Jackie rarely takes things seriously. She can be ditzy and at times, "slow", but she learns fairly quickly when it comes to magic. She also tries to keep all her true feelings to herself, putting a smile on her face whenever humanly possible. She doesn't open up to others easily (secretive). When she is serious about something, she has a tendency to become stubborn. She also tends to be a little vain when it comes to her appearance.
Bio: Jackie speaks fluent French, but only knows enough English to really get by. Her mother, a half-blood, went to Beauxbatons when she was younger, and her father, also a half-blood used to attend Hogwarts before he moved to France when he finished school. Jackie's an only child, and is often spoiled. Though she has no siblings, she has a close-knit group of friends at Beauxbatons. Her family life is often very boring to her, and she's glad she's going to Hogwarts and maybe even participating in the Triwizard Tournament. She's sure she could make Beauxbatons proud if she were chosen. Though, she is probably more excited about the Yule Ball and meeting some nice young men.

Name: Audrey Brooks
Age: 15
School: Hogwarts, Hufflepuff.
Class: Muggleborn
Personality: Audrey is definitely very spacey, and often seems to be in her own little world. Audrey isn't smart, but she has her moments - usually when the answer isn't easily found by reading books, but by personal experience. She likes to socialize, and will initiate a conversation with anyone in an attempt to make friends. Audrey can be forgetful, gullible, and flaky/unreliable.
Bio: Audrey comes from a large family, and her older two brothers, Lance and Kevin, as well as her three younger sisters, Flora, Lucy and Marie, never went to Hogwarts. Audrey is one of the middle children, and is used to being ignored, so most of the time that doesn't bother her and she'll just keep talking. Her family lives in the heart of London, in a regular sized home. Her family life is pretty normal, and middle-class. Her parents didn't believe what was happening at first, but after a trip to Diagon Alley, they realized that it was very real. She's a skilled Quidditch player, and is a chaser for the Hufflepuff team. She can't wait for the tournament, even if she's not considering entering because her magic skills aren't so great. She thinks it'll be exciting to watch, and she hopes she'll meet some new friends in the process. After school, she wants to be a musician - she plays the trumpet, either in the wizard or the muggle world.


"Je ne peux pas croire que vous partez, Jacqueline," Jackie's best friend said with a sigh, "Je regrette que je ne puisse pas aller, aussi." She couldn't believe Jackie was leaving, and she really wanted to go with her and her other friends that were leaving.

"Caroline et Michelle vont rester ici et nous enverrons des lettres." Jacqueline told her friend, Juliette, assuring her that they'll send letters and that she won't be completely alone.

They carried on their conversation for a while, before Julliette said goodbye, "Au reviour, Jackie!"

"Au reviour!" Jacqueline waved in reply and went with the rest of the Beauxbatons that were going to Hogwarts. She couldn't wait; this was definately going to be an interesting experience.


Though Draven may had not liked being chosen for a prefect, Audrey was very pleased. She had also been chosen as a prefect, but even she wasn't sure why. She saw this as a good oppertunity to make friends with people she wouldn't normally hang out with, and that was Audrey's favourite past time. After she was dropped off at the train station in London by her parents, she ran to Platform 9 and 3/4 and got on the train, skipping down the aisle until she reached the prefect's compartment. She smiled at Draven and sat down across from him. "Hello," she said, sticking out her hand for him to shake it, "I'm Audrey, I'm one of the new Hufflepuff prefects."

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