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Character Profile.

When you fill out your profile form, please delete the bracketed parts; they are just information so you do not need to repost them.

Age: (must be at least 15 if entering)
School: (if from Hogwarts, include house)
Class: (as in Pureblood, Halfblood or Muggleborn)
Personality: (include strengths and weaknesses)
Bio: (use this section to tell us about your character)

Name: Vincent Draven
Age: 15
School: Hogwarts, Slytherin
Class: Pureblood
Personality: Clever and skilled; however, Draven is also rude, distant and very prejudiced towards muggleborns. He is also a loner, and tends to be a bit of a bully at times.
Bio: Draven's parents are Alonzo and Megaera Draven. Megaera's mother is Marlinn Gaunt, who is an ancestor of Salazar Slytherin. Draven's mother often has to remain in the family home in order to ensure that her mother, who by now is in the throes of madness, does not cause any trouble amongst Muggles. His parents are against this only due to the trouble it would cause with the Ministry; neither of them like or respect Muggles and forbid any Muggle inventions to be used inside the house. Draven spent a lot of his childhood alternatively being ignored by his parents and given attention by his grandmother, especially after she realised that he had inherited her rare gift of Parseltongue. Draven's parents are wealthy, but care little for their son, taking him only as far as London every year and leaving him to fend for himself after that. Draven has few friends as he is used by now to being alone, and rarely spends any holidays save the summer holidays at home.

Name: Faina Demidova
Age: 16
School: Durmstrang
Class: Halfblood
Personality: Headstrong and impulsive, as well as very stubborn and selfish at times. Faina is a loyal friend, but often does not think before she acts.
Bio: Faina's family live in a small town north from Durmstrang. Her mother is Pureblood and her father a Muggleborn; he died after Faina's younger sister Ekaterina was born. Both Faina and Ekaterina attend Durmstrang; however, Ekaterina was not chosen to go with the students who were considered to be skilled enough to enter the tournament. Faina is very disappointed that her sister is not joining her on the trip to Hogwarts, however she is glad enough to be going altho she doesn't feel that she is good enough herself to be Durmstrang Champion. Faina has had a fairly happy and close family life and, entering her sixth year at Durmstrang, wishes to work with dangerous creatures such as dragons when she leaves school. She has plenty of friends, despite her faults, and is a fairly good student.


Draven sat moodily in the prefect's compartment on the Hogwarts Express, staring at a book in his lap. He wasn't at all pleased about being made a prefect; he prefered to spend as little time as possible in the company of other students, and this wouldn't help matters in the slightest. Draven was by now used to his own company; he had been making the trip to the station and on to the train alone every year that he'd been at the school; his father always just took him into London, then abandoned him promptly to fend for himself, claiming that he couldn't leave his wife to look after her mother alone for too long. Draven suspected it was more to do with the fact that his father just didn't want to be bothered with him, altho he did have a point when it came to the fact that his grandmother could not be trusted alone. She had gone mad several years before; her husband's death had done a lot to turn her brain, tho it hadn't been particularly strong in the first place. Draven's grandmother was viciously anti-Muggle, and if allowed would hex any that crossed her path. Draven's parents' considerations ran more to not wanting to provoke the wrath of the Ministry rather than caring about the wretched Muggles; they despised Muggles and refused to allow any Muggle inventions into their house, or indeed to allow their son to mix with Muggles outside of school. Of course, that could not be avoided at school but Draven himself had no desire to mix with Muggles so abided by his parents' wishes in this case.


Faina hugged her sister Ekaterina hard. "I wish you were coming too," she said, finally releasing her sister.

"Of course, I'll put my name in the Goblet of Fire, but even if I don't get chosen, it'll still be fun to watch the competition."

Ekaterina nodded. "I wish I was coming too, Fay," she replied. "Anyway, good luck and let's hope that Durmstrang win."

"Definitely, Kat," Faina said, determination etched on her face. She shivered slightly as a cold wind blew snow in both the sisters' faces, leaving snow in their hair. Faina smiled slightly. "It might even be warmer at Hogwarts than here. Anyway, I'd better be going; I need to get to the ship before it leaves without me."

She hugged her sister one last time, before walking towards where the huge sailing ship was at anchor in the harbour.

Ekaterina yelled after Faina, "Send me an owl when you get there!" Her sister turned round and nodded, waving as she ran towards the ship in company with other Durmstrang students, each dressed in red robes with fur cloaks.

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