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Default 07-10-2009, 07:15 PM

Name: Aldo Carias, formerly Hadrian Barken.
Age: 22
Side Chosen: Neutral, verging on good.
Occupation: Computer programmer.
Power: Technopathy/Cyb-rkinesis.
He’s a deadpan snarker and somewhat caustic. Quite surly, but he tries to be well-mannered, something which he places great importance on. He’s quite morose and has a taste for the drink.
Bio: Aldo was raised as Hadrian Barken. His father, Nicol, was one of the people who fought against Mr X and was as a result, killed. For his own safety Aldo and his now estranged sister were given new identities. Now he works for a company called Kelibant Tech and occasionally making his own indie videogames and selling them.

Name: Destiny Emerald
Age: 19
Side Chosen: Bad
Occupation: Scientist/Doctor
Power: Pyrokinesis and Hammerspace.
She’s incredibly cheerful and positive, always looking on the bright side of life. She loves hugging people and developing new and exciting ways to kill them. Has a deep love for all things scientific. She’s an Idiot savant, which is to say, a stupid genius.
Destiny grew up in a middle-class family with a white picket fence. Her father was a prominent scientist and she inherited his love of the sciences, quickly following in his footsteps. She showed promise from an early age but was disappointed at the fear mongering of the ‘Moralaties’ as she called them and by the much too stringent ethical standards she had to adhere to. When she was offered a chance to do any experiments she wanted she gladly accepted and is now studying what she calls the ‘P-gene’ on the behalf of Mr X, as well as biological weaponry to help him. She also provides free., no questions asked medical services.

Aldo pulled himself out of bed, grumbling. It wasn’t gone five o clock, but he couldn’t get back to sleep.

He lived in a bedsit apartment, an artsy little place with windows dominating the far wall and plenty of wallspace for pictures. He had them covered with movie and game posetrs and concept art from his own games.

He pulled the blanket up around him, shivering. Some bloody toss had thrown a brick thorough the window of the far right and the black bag taped over the hole did nothing to stop the cold.

He shuffled over to the kitchenette on the right and flicked on the kettle, he’d started leaving it full of water just for this eventuality, and started rooting through his press for a bag of coffee.
Across the room his television flickered into life and the lights overhead came on as well.

“…and another kidnapping has taken place, this time of one James….”

He growled. The television switched off.

“Bunch of mongrel b-stards.”
He flicked off the kettle and went to grab his clothes, dumping the blanket on his bed.

“I need a drink.”


Destiny danced around her lab. It was getting early, but she didn’t care. She’d spent the whole night researching and drinking coffee that was one part coffee grounds, one part water and two parts sugar. As a result she was buzzed beyond belief. She switched on the radio.

“IIiii! Can’t decide! Whthere you should live or die!” she sang along, twirling with one of the lab skeletons.

“Oh, you’ll probably go to Heaven! Please don’t hang your head and cry!” she let go of the skeleton, which clattered into a corner, and clapped her hands.

“Right! Let’s get to work! Or bed. Whatever. Whoo!"

"Without heroes we are all plain people and don't know how far we can go."

-Bernard Malamud
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