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Ooc note: I was given permission by Miranda to play James' sister. Please don't whine about it if you wanted that position.

Also, I might add a character on the sindicate side later on... for now, this is all I can manage in the time I have to get on the computer.

Name: Thalia Zimmerman
Age: 23
Side Chosen: good
Occupation: ex-police woman
Power: she can manipulate air
Personality: Thalia is a tomboy who tends to be very blunt and has little skills in tact. She is strong-willed, can be quite fierce, and sticks to her moral ideals. She has a strong sense of duty.
Bio: Thalia grew up as the sort of girl who played football with the boys as opposed to Barbies with the girls. As she was growing up, she was often picked on because of who she was and how she acted. she'd ignore them at school, but at home it showed how much they were getting to her. James always supported her. She decided to become a police officer because she hoped somehow and in somehow she might be able to help someone in a similar but different way then ehr brother had always helped her; by supporting someone who needed it.

Thalis had argued for so long that by now her throat ached, but it was useless; the current shief wouldn't listen. She'd quit on the spot; if the police wouldn't help her, she'd look for James on her own, no matter the cost to herself.

Now she was standing outside the police building, smoking a cigarette and contemplating how she'd find her brother, where to start. the obvious answer was the apartment, but chanes were that James' place wouldn't be very promising; none of the kidnappings ever were. "Well, a girl's gotta start somewhere." Thalia muttered. suddenly sick of the the smoking and thinking for the millionth time that she ought to break that habbit, Thali dropped the cigarette and stomped it out. she took out her ponytail, then raked her fingers through her hair that was dyed and unnatural shade of fuscia before putting it back up.

She didn't think that maybe some of her friends from the force would quit, she didn't even think about what she'd do now that she was without a respectable job in a city now full of organized crime. All her thoughts were on James and James only; she vowed quietly to herself that she'd find him alive, or all those dirty, no-good scoundrels who worked for X would pay dearly.

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