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Character Form

Name: Avani
Age: 22
Side Chosen: Bad
Occupation: Assassin
Power: Psionic blast
Personality: Avani is judgmental, rash, perfectionist, and doesn’t play well with others. The only good part to her is that she confident, motivated, and ambitious in her work.
Bio: Avani grew up apart from her family. Her father was always flying around for job purposes and her mother was always getting drunk or high, barely coming home. She was raised by her ‘nannies’, one after the other due to her high strung personality and her willingness to create havoc and pain. She was approached by one of Mr. X’s deputies to become a hired assassin, to kill anyone who came in the way of Mr. X’s plans for the future. She gladly accepted due to the fact that she was bored where she was and had no desire to go on to college or future education. That was when she was 18.

Name: Raine
Age: 23
Side Chosen: Good
Occupation: ex-Forensics in the police force.
Power: The ability to communicate with the dead.
Personality: Raine is high spirited, fun loving, and open-minded. She can become extremely unforgiving and rebellious as well as controlling, arrogant, and vain.
Bio: Raine went into the police force because she loved to give justice out to those who deserved it. She loved to make things right and punish the wrong-doers. As the violence in the city progressed and worsened, she found herself and her co-workers becoming stressed and un-happy. She felt less satisfied and almost like she was wasting her time. She kept going though because she needed the money and wanted to see if the crime would lessen up, as she hoped it would. When she found out about James, she was furious and quit on the spot, as she had had enough of the bull crap around at the station. She soon found out that she was not the only one who was furious and also became a vigilante.

Raine slammed her fist on her desk, making several things move and shake. “Are you serious! They aren’t going to do a thing!?” She yelled. She could not believe what she was hearing. One of their own had disappeared and there wasn’t a thing that any of them could do about it. That didn’t make any sense to her. Why wouldn’t they want to investigate? It didn’t make any sense to her.

Her friends nodded. “The Chief claims that there isn’t enough funds and crap to investigate.”

“So, we are just suppose to sit around on our and act like nothing happened? Hell no! If they aren’t going to do anything about it, then I will.”

“Raine, we can’t. Chief said no one is allowed to search or anything. We are not allowed to find James.”

“Are you kidding me! That…Grrrr!” She screamed. “Fine. You know what. I’ve had enough of this sh.t. I’m out. I quit. If they aren’t going to serve justice, then who will. I joined this place to bring justice on those who disobeyed, but how can I do that when our own people won’t give justice.” She shook her head. “Ya’ll can stay and be their little minions but I’m not.” She grabbed her stuff and left, all of her friends watching her go.

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