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Buildings: Remember you'll need a certain number of buildings that you can't go without. Listing here:

Hospitals; have at least three of these, and make one bomb shelter like unless the other two are overrun. Underground is a wonderful place to put it.

Schools; Have one school on top ground, for educating children 3/4 to 15/16 whatever. It should also act as a creche (Spelling?) for small children who's parents are two busy doing work around the city. It will also serve as a place for young adults to be taught the advanced skills such as Communications, working with technology, agriculture and architecture. The zombie may be undying, but humans have to contend with regular weaknesses, such as old age, and will need replacements eventually. Have another placed underground incase the town on top is destroyed. You may be living in a cave like a load of moles, but you still need to know how to drive! XD

Military barracks; Here you'll train your brave troops in the art of pointing a shotgun at a crowd of moaning resident evil rejects and pulling the trigger with MUCH conviction. I suggest you gather some hardened military personal and have them train the wee little recruits. If you want to produce a load of ultra-scary uber super soldiers, train them from a very young age. Who here knew before I told them that John-117 from halo was trained from age 6?

It would also be convenient to just use a basic system of military ranks rather than setup your own ones. It'll take to long and you'll avoid the no-rank mayhem while setting it up if you just copycat the marines.

You hear that, marines?!! We're stealing your bloody ranks and there isn't a single darned thing you can do about it!! Bwahahah.

Grocery store; Do I need to explain? On sundays old ladies and mothers drag a few hapless children down here and shop for HOURS. Nuff said. Though I don't see why any child who's already suffered a zombie invasion deserves such regular and horrible torture >.>

Library; A place to gather information a lore to the best of your ability. Fiction should be ignored for the most part, focus on:
Science/biology/chemistry/natural science books.
Books about all kinds of technology.
Books about langauges. INCLUDING IRISH. -_-
Books about History.
Books about culture.
Remember as a new world leader it's your responsibility to make sure those who died in the rising of the dead are not forgotten. Besides, it would be sin not to make records about the Australians. They're just priceless.

Warehouses/factories; You need a place for industry. This is where vehicles, machines and other useful cr'ap can be constructed. Like computers and weaponry. You can also store stuff here.

Laboratory; Lock a couple of scientists in here with all the lab equipment they could ever desire and you'll marvel about what they'll make. Can anyone say cure for the undeath? I can!

Dwellings; Should be built as fortress homes. Simple as that. =P

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