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Default 07-09-2009, 10:01 PM

DEFENSE: How to build a haven from the rotting demons who are intent on making a great big tea party of our world.

Location: Location is all important. Your position should be influenced bye several factors:

A: Existing resources. If the position has existing buildings, underground complexes or large amounts of building materials stored there, then it's OBVIOUSLY a good place to build yourself a fortress! Make sure to go looking for places like these as outposts after the construction of a main base if none are available quickly.

B: Defensibility. High ground is a good idea, but delivering resources would be problematic and so this may or may not be a good idea. If you find a position of high ground with existing resources, perhaps a military base stocked with ammo and vehicles waiting for you to take over, then grab it with both hands!

C: Accessibility: What you DON'T want is an iron hard position with only one way in when fighting mindless zombies, as they'll just press heavily on the one way in until they break through, and then you're doomed.

If you find a high ground position which would be impossible to reach bye climbing without equipment, with a few different ways up most undead could NOT interact with, (E.G, a lift or some kind of train) then that's ideal, especially if you had some sort of dropship handy (E.G, a helicopter) as you could build an initial camp on top and ferry supplies up carefully, and if the position came under very heavy siege you could either start to move people away using the helicopter, or move more and more supplies in with it, and either eventually return when the undead have left, or wait them out.

D: Options: Having as many options as possible is vital. Preferably multiple ways to escape in the event of your position falling, alternative bases to resort to should one be overrun, and ways to get in easily but that can also be defended without incredible difficulty.

E: A base should be located a reasonable distance from one time major population centers, as zombies of the former residents would probably throng there, it is important to stay a good distance away. But cities will also have large amounts of food and goods, and possibly some survivors in holdouts, and therefore it should be within attack distance.

Fortifications: Having the best position in the world is essentially worthless if you don't bother to fortify it.

*More of this in the next post*

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