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6: Social skills: Zombies may or may not be able to reason. If they cannot reason, they may or may not swarm in large groups. If the case is that zombies are solitary and do not form into crowds, then that is good.

If zombies CAN reason enough to know that a big group makes the chances of catching and eating humans better, then that's bad. Really bad. You may want to pack explosive or other harmful devices that can kill a whole load of targets at the same time.

Zombies who are semi-intelligent are a very, very bad thing, as they may be able to learn from experience. (Learn to open doors, use weaponry, take cover and so on) and work as a group, reminiscent of a pack of lions or wolves.

If the undead are of a hive mind, then they'd be controlled bye a great, central intelligence, probably not psychically but through hormones at the like being passed through the air, and so their coordination would be great as they wouldn't have any free will to disagree. Even with fully aware zombies, such coordination could not likely be achieved due to conflicting motives, wills and objectives, though these monsters could still work together to a better extent than semi-intelligent undead. If zombies are of a hive mind, the signal between the central consciousness and the zombie in question could be interrupted somehow (Perhaps bye destroying some master zombie, and therefore destroying the coordination of a large group of zombies, permanently or temporarily)

Zombies with human intelligence can be as variable as the humans they once where; therefore to fight these is something like battling uncivilised savages, perhaps. Basic militaristic tactics for use against organised undead I'll cover later.

7: Specific weaknesses/Immunities: Zombies might be immune or very weak to certain things such as fire, ice, water, silver, sunlight or specific methods of killing such as body, head or limb shots. You'd do well to pay attention to such difficulties and avoid attempting to destroy threats in those ways. That said, fire almost always works. Cuz it's FIRE. xD

8: Behaviour: Watch the way the undeads behave themselves. If they mostly stick to moaning and walking around while ignoring the living, it might be clever to herd them into some kind of containment just in case they turn vicious.

If they're already raving mad and out for blood and brains, Well, that's where we move on to defensive and offensive measures. I'll move on to those in my next post (Triple post blleeaaaghh)

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