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(Posting in two bits due to the character limit.)

Name: Kasa Hinkley
Age: 21
Side Chosen: Good
Occupation: Ex police force
Power: Electricity
Personality: Kasa is idealistic, and very loyal to her friends. She can also be spiteful tho, and is manipulative at times.
Bio: Kasa joined the police force as a young idealist, wanting to do her very best for the community and to help make the city a safer place. She was appalled by the violence meted out by the syndicate, as well as by the public disappearences of the original mayor and police chief. Still, she stayed in the police force as she still was an idealist, believing that there was hope for the police to be able to overcome the forces of evil and make the city a better place all round. This hope was cruelly dashed by the kidnapping of her collegue's brother; Kasa was angry by the puppet police chief's refusal to detail any of the police to investigate the kidnapping and look for James. The very same day, Kasa quit the force and became a vigilante, along with other likeminded individuals.

Name: Raziel
Age: 19
Side Chosen: Bad
Occupation: Mercenary for hire
Power: Psychic
Personality: Very pric'kly and quick to anger. Raziel is also very single minded, and often won't listen to anyone else's version of events. He works for Mr X cuz the money is good.
Bio: Raziel was living in another city before all the trouble started in this city. He was working for a mobster at the time; however, when Mr X approached him thru one of his deputies and offered him a considerable amount of money to help direct the crime wave in the city that X had taken over, Raziel accepted and joined X as one of a group of trained fighters who are there to put down any rebellion and cut down vigilantes. He is in the job purely for the money, however he does like the power he weilds and the perks given. Raziel got into this line of work in order to escape his humble beginnings in the slums. He hates his mother, who's a prostitute, and feels he's left that life far behind. He doesn't know who his father is, and is indifferent to him save for the fact that he knows that his power was inherited from him.


"What do you mean, the police chief isn't going to act?" shouted Kasa at the deputy chief. She couldn't believe what she was hearing; surely, considering the circumstances, the police chief would investigate the kidnapping? After all, it was one of their own who'd had a relative kidnapped; someone they'd all worked alongside in the police force and who was like a member of their own family. Or so the force had been, til the city was bought out by Mr X and things started to go wrong. Kasa couldn't believe that her dream job had turned so foul in such a short space of time.

The deputy looked at Kasa apologetically. "I'm sorry, Hinkley, but the order stands. There simply isn't the funds to investigate, and the chief has forbidden any of the police force to take matters into their own hands and seek out the kidnappers themselves. Those are the orders, and we have to obey them, regardless of our personal feelings on this matter."

"In that case," Kasa yelled angrily, "I quit!" She took off her badge and flung it on the deputy's desk. "I joined the police to fight for what is right, and for justice; not to stand idly by while my friends suffer, and the city is overrun by evil." The deputy tried to make her reconsider, but Kasa was adamant. She walked out of the office, not looking back at the place where she'd worked for two years of her life.

(Note: This RP is open to join for the experienced, but will not start til I say so. If you are not experienced, then you can't join; please don't spam in the RP or PM me asking to join, as you will be refused.)

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