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Default Streets Of Rage {RP} - 07-09-2009, 06:30 PM


1. This RP is rated M and is for experienced RPers only. Everyone should know who I mean by now; please don't bother asking me to join if you know you don't fit the criteria. This RP will contain mild violence so is not suitable for kids in any case.

2. All characters must be human, and abide by the main rules laid out in the stickies. Your characters can have certain special powers; for example, fire, water, psychic. However, using said power will drain your energy a little, so it would not be realistic for your character to use it all the time against enemies. Also, don't make them overpowered. Weapons can be carried by both sides. Again I say, no Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

3. The RP is based on the Streets Of Rage 1 and 2 games; however, none of the original characters are to be played. Please create your own character. If you need any information on the games, click here and here for details.

4. If you are going to have two characters, have one on each side or else it'll become one sided. If you work for the syndicate, you will not know who Mr X is. If you are on the good side, you will not be able to enlist anyone on the police force to help you, as the chief is in pay to Mr X. Characters must be at least 18.

5. Have a personal reason for joining whichever side, and for what you are doing. It is permitted to change sides later on in the RP. Both male and female characters can be on either side. Do not choose to play Mr X; he doesn't appear much in the RP for good reasons. Well, he wouldn't be unknown if he appeared all the time, now would he? XD

Once, the city was a quiet, peaceful place. Children happily played in the streets and the people went about their business; shopping, socialising and working. Each day, the sun dipped below the picturesq skyline to announce the start of the night and all the pubs, clubs and parties that went on in the city. True, there was some crime, but any large city has that to contend with and the police were not overstretched in the slightest. The police force consisted of one man at the top, who ran the force, with several units below him who were each deployed in bringing law and order to the city and ensuring that the ordinary people were able to go about their lives in peace. The mayor worked closely with the police chief, ensuring that the force had plenty of money and was able to run smoothly. It wasn't a perfect paradise, but it was normal, ordinary. Until...

One man saw this city as a place where he could rule supreme. His life was shrouded in mystery, and his real name was unknown, as was his true identity. He ran a criminal syndicate known only as "X", and went by the moniker "Mr X". Mr X worked stealthily to slowly, but surely, take over the city and make it his own. One day, the mayor vanished. The police were sure that it was a case of murder, but with no body to show for it and no evidence that anything had happened to the mayor at all, they were hampered in their investigation. X infiltrated the city's government, taking it over bit by bit like so much liquid poison. Soon, a new mayor was elected; but this new mayor was little more than a figurehead, a puppet who's strings were pulled by the mysterious Mr X. The police chief was enraged by this new development. He vowed to clean up the streets and get rid of the puppet mayor, but before he could do so, he also disappeared without trace. His ambitious deputy took over, but he lacked the social consience of his predecessor, and so when he was approached by emissaries of Mr X, offering a considerable bribe in order to turn a blind eye to the X syndicate's efforts to have total control of the city, he agreed.

Criminal elements swarmed out to reclaim the streets. Gangs roamed the streets, looting the shops in broad daylight, and bomb-wielding bikers made the roads deadly to travel at night. Cars were stolen, with freeloading thugs joyriding them thru the city and then setting them ablaze as the sun rose, tainting the sunrise with the flames and smoke from the burning cars. Any workplace that remained open had to pay X syndicate for protection, otherwise the owner of the business could arrive one morning to find that his livelihood had been looted and burned to the ground. Chaos reigned in the city, and no-one was safe. The police force were over worked and over stretched as they fought a losing battle to control the streets. All their efforts came to nothing though; any of the thugs who were arrested and who ended up in court were aquitted; the judge was also in the pay of Mr X and the jury members were either members of the syndicate, or just too frightened to make a stand. People who tried to do just that soon found that their family members paid the price; murders, rapes and kidnappings were rife.

One such kidnapping was of a boy named James. He worked at the courthouse and the day before his disappearance, he'd told his sister that there was something going on there that he had to investigate. He was suspicious of the way that papers were falsified, and that known criminals and gang members were being aquitted for terrible crimes, and even being paid compensation out of the city coffers. James' sister worked for the police, so he planned for them to work together to uncover the wrongdoing. The next day however, his apartment was ransacked and all trace of James had gone. There was nothing left in the apartment, save a photograph of James hanging from a wall in chains, which indicated that this was a kidnapping rather than a murder. The police chief refused to investigate, citing lack of money and threatening to disclipline any police officers who acted without his permission. Because of this order, several police officers quit the force.

Who are you in this story of a troubled city, trapped in the iron fist of the evil X syndicate, led by the mysterious Mr X? Perhaps you're a regular person who lived their normal life in the city before all the turmoil started, and you want peace to be restored. Maybe you're a member of the police force, who quit when one of their own was in trouble and the corrupt police chief refused to help. You could even be one of the thugs, trained fighters or assassins who work for the syndicate, and who revel in what they do and wish for the status quo to continue. Whoever you are, you have your own part to play on the ... Streets Of Rage.

Character Form

Side Chosen:

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