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"I don't know, but we're vampires" Whimpered Edward. Alucard stared bloody evil fury at him.
"You, boy, are the most disgusting, filthy aberation excuse for a vampire I have ever SEEN. I'm thinking you must be the abominations me and the fledgling have been sent to exterminate" Alucard nodded to himself more than anyone else, then pulled the most enormous handgun edward had ever seen out of his pocket, and aimed it at edward, and fired twice.

The meyerpire almost dodged the first bullet, almost. It tore into his shoulder, and then the second bullet crashed into his side, spilling a torrent of blood all over bella.
"AAAAAGGGGGEEEGGGGEGEEGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Screeched bella on the top of her lungs, before scrambling out of the way of a vicious kick from alucard.
"Evade all you wish, meyerpire scum. The night is still young and violent" Giggled the vampire, as his fedora hat and sunglasses vanished.

The two meyerpires forgot about how they 'loved' each other, and scrambled away in different directions. Alucard directed seras to chase Bella while he pursued Edward.
"Don't hesitate to kill the abomination, Seras victoria" He said.
"I won't, master!" She said with conviction as she set off at a run after Bella.

Alucard turned and ran to catch up with Edward. He caught up with the meyerpire rapidly, and quickly circled wide around, then stopped and sat on a tree trunk as waited for edward to arrive. As edward burst into the clearing, alucard brought up his gun. This time his aim was perfect. A high explosive blessed silver bullet flew through the meyerpire's arm, severing it completely. Edward screamed like a girl.

"Comon, get up, sparkleyballs, and fight!" Roared alucard. Edward did just that, leaping at alucard with teeth bared, then screeched like a pig when alucard roughly plucked him out of the air and threw him high above his head.
"How's the weather up there, scumbag?!" Roared the vampire, as edward started to fall down, then landed in a miniature crater in the ground. Alucard had neatly sidestepped, and shot the pool of sparkles a few times. It was still groaning. Alucard lifted it out of the crater and bit into what might once have been it's neck. It screamed, shuddered, and died SCREAMING.

Alucard sighed, then pulled a bag out of his pocket and dropped it onto the corpse. Then he shot it, and the crater of wet mud was suddenly transformed into one of the pits of hell as the powder inside the small bag detonated with enough force to turn a tank to steaming molten metal.


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