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Name: Sranali Rifter
Race: Banshee
Appearence: A banshee has three forms; one hideous, withered old-lady-like appearence, one middle-aged-servant-like appearence, and one young-woman appearence. By default, Shanyn prefers the young woman version of herself; she has death-gray skin and silvery hair, and is petite in both height and figure. Her eyes are red-rimmed and crystal blue. She always wears a gray-hooded cloak, as is customary of banshees, and a red dress.
Personality: Rather abrasive and sarcastic, with a rare soft side for her brother.
Role: Scout
Bio: Shanyn always had bad luck, but it was the worstr when her home-town was invaded by the undead army, and she was killed during childbirth. Thus, by default she became a banshee; actually, that's one of few watyys a banshee can be a created. Her brother was there with her and died with her, and is now a skeleton soldier. The only thing she is currently glad for is the fact that her brother serves under the same lich as her.

Name: Gredar Rifter
Race: Skeleton
Appearence: Bones (obviously), with a wrap aorund his head (for individuality). Yellow-tinted eyeballs with red irises. He's rather short, as well.
Personality: Unlike his sister, Greg is usually kind and likes to help others... too bad that doesn't happen because of the lich. As a human, kindness had actually been his undoing in that he'd tried to help his sister when he husband left her. He has a tendency to tell really bad jokes, as well.
Role: One of the skeleton troops under Agrond's command.
Bio: Greg was there when Shanyn was about to have a child. But both of them were brutally murdered when their hiding spot had been found. Shanyn had become a banshee, while Greg, unfortunately, became nothing but a lowly skeleton troop.
Sranali was not on duty, but knew it wouldn't be long; breaks were never long. So, for the moment, she was just sprawled out int he middle of the hall-way, phased insubstancial so that people who needed to get by could just go right through her. She wished her brother was off, too, but having a break the same time as her brother was even more rare than just breaks in general.
Gredar hated how the control the lich had was complete and unyielding; when a command was given, you did what you were told. Period. Even if you hated it, even if you mentally tried to fight it, fight the tasks you knew were for countless deaths, you did it. And he hated that more than anything.

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