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Name: Jamie Anders
Age: (please make it 14-16) 15
Personality: Jamie is a stubborn girl who pretty much always belives she's right. She's fiercely loyal to her close friends when need be. She is a daydreamer, her heart filled with neverending fantasies. Jamie finds it hard to just be herself, and is mentaly strong at all. She always wants to fit in, and always tries to. She easily gives in if threatened by anything, and is easily upset.
Weaknesses: (Must have three min.)Jamie is harsh and sarcastic, and can be rude if upset. She's ridiculously stubborn, and hates change. Her fantasy dream world makes it hard for Jamie to cope with reality. Jamie is very Claustiphobic and does her best to avoid small spaces. Her thoughts drift easily and she really doesn't pay attention to what anyone else is saying. Isabella doesn't trust very easily, and has only a few choice friends.
Strengths: (No more than three) Jamie is very loyal, and is friendly to those close to her. She is a great listener.
Bio: Long brown hair. medium height with dark green eyes.
Jamie's father went to join the Army when Jamie was small. He never came back. Her mother took it very hard, and worked very hard to make sure Jamie and her older brother, Carter live an exeptional life. Jamie rebeled against her mother's protection, and packed up her bags. She had been staying at a friends house when she read about the School of Arts. She quickley gatherd her belongings and left, applying. She was shocked when exepted and hopes to do well.

Jamie slowly walked across the huge front lawn of the School of Arts, her heart pounding as she walked towards the large iron gate. She relized she couldn't just stand there, and was preparing to try pushing open the gate when a noise made her jump. "List your name." said and voice, obviously not very happy to see her. Jamie wrinkled her nose, not really liking the tone of annoyance. She reached forward and pressed a red button on a small white box. "Yeah, yeah. Jamie." she said, matching the annoyance with her own. "Your full name." the voice said slowly, as if the most obvious thing in the world. Jamie bit her lip, glaring at the box. "Jamie Anders." she said, crossing her arms like she didn't care. "You may enter." the voice stated, as the gate swung open. Jamie slowly picked up her bag and walked through, wondering what was instore for her.

Gentle breezes rush by me. They seem to scream your name. I've done everything I could, to keep from going insane. I tried, I tried, I tried. But I should have never denied, my love. Sweet angel, adieu.

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