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I don't actually have a cat. But my grandparents have four and they are all sisters. They think of me as their pet *sigh*. They act as if they own me. They brush my hair (with their paws and it hurts.) They provide food, and play with me, they try to train me I think. Apparently, cats are smarter then us.... Here are their answers.

Your human walks into the kitchen. Does this mean?
a) It's hungry. (they will seriously leed my to the fridge, but then walk away like I need their guidence.)
b) It's lost
c) You're hungry
d) Let the begging begin

Your human puts down a bowl of food for you. Is this?
a) Supper
b) Something s/he obviously wouldn't eat
c) Something to keep you going until supper's ready. (They love to eat.)
d) Inedible junk to be scorned in favor of what the humans eat

Your human removes you from the top of the television.
Does this mean?
a) You're in trouble - better not do it again
b) Nothing - humans do this from time to time
c) The human wants to play. So climb up again to amuse it. (I can see the happiness in their eyes when I laugh and say, "Silly *insert which cat's name here*)
d) It is time to chew on the cable wire again

Staircases are for:
a) Getting up to the human's bed at 4 am (It is their bed, not mine. It's my privlege to sleep there <.<)
b) Lying in wait in the dark at the top of
c) Walking just slower then the human infront of it. (I have to be led everywhere, don't I?)
d) All of the above

Your human talks/yells at you. You should:
a) Listen intently, even if you don't understand
b) Meow in acknowledgment and continue what you were
c) Ignore him/her completely; you're a cat, they mean nothing
d) Move on to the next annoying acctivity to encourage the talking behaviour. (They have a wonderful satisfaction when I speak)

Phone and electrical cords and strings from fabrics are:
a) Important to humans and should be left alone
b) Playthings and deserve your total attention; no matter what
damage may result
c) Annoying and should be removed immediatly. (Not them, me. I trip over the tips of the rugs. Once Dido dragged one outside and watched contently as I walked across the floor without falling flat on my face.)

Birds, small rodents and large bugs should be:
a) Ignored (especially if your human wants them removed)
b) Played with until they stop playing
c) Presented to your human as a trophy. (They like to provide for me.They think I eat them. When I really throw them away.)
d) Hidden under your human's pillow for safe keeping
e) Consumed for their nutritional value

A human giving you a bath should be considered:
a) Under no circumstance
b) Under no circumstance
c) Under no circumstance. (I would have done e. But they don't like fighting. And usually try to bath me instead. I'll try to put them in the water, then another will walk up behind me and walk through me legs or jump against my back, causing me to fall in.)
d) An act of war
e) All of the above

Your human's value is limited to:
a) Providing food
b) Providing water
c) Letting you out
d) Providing opposite-gender male companionship
e) Leaving you alone
f) All of the above; if properly trained. (*sigh*)

Gentle breezes rush by me. They seem to scream your name. I've done everything I could, to keep from going insane. I tried, I tried, I tried. But I should have never denied, my love. Sweet angel, adieu.
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