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Name: Amira/Mina
Nickname: Mimi/Mina
Age: 200 (looks 1
Race: Draconian
Job on ship: Merc who also occassionally helps with tech stuff
Abilities: night vision,
Bio: The 'original' personality was actually the Mina one. The rough tomboy who delighted in rockball and was set up to become a smith of sorts. She was an excellent warrior. She often trained with her little brother, Hem,. He meant everything to her, and he in turn loved her... though, like any little brother, he often drove her nuts.
Around the time Mina was 140, she and ehr brother were kidnapped. She put up a good fight, but eventually she was cornered and knocked out. When they literally threw her into the holding cell, and she landed on her head. it was aournd this time that her alternate personality -Amira- began to appear.
When Amira found she was skilled with technology and machinery, she used her knowledge to help her escape when the ship had docked on another planet. It was then she leanred that hem was on another ship, and then that Mina swore she'd find him and became a merc (as mercs pick up many ships; she figured she'd have to find her brother eventually).
Too bad that's yet to happen...
Eventuallyy, Mina lost hope, and became so grouchy and mean she's made few friends, adn prefers it that way. Now, she works aboard the Deadly Nightshade so that both the Mina and Amira personalities can have something to do.

Personality: Due to her split mind, there are two personalities:
Amira is the sweet one. She's kind to the point where she'll go out of her way to help someone. She's really good with electronics and such, and often repairs various things around the ship when it can't be hand;ed by any average repairman. Amira is often supressed by Mina, and though she hates it, she cant find the willpower to fight back.
Mina is the persnality you see most often, due to the hardship on the ship; she's rude mean, and tough as an old boot. This is the merc side, and she's only out for herself. As the dominant side, she has not real friends,a dn likes to keep it that way, as she trusts no one; she only lets Amira out for repairs, then supresses her again.

Appearance: Long brown har with purple-ish blue tips, purple-ish blue eyes, purple-ish blue scales aournd the eyes (and other places), tan skin, and a crooked nose that had probably been boken some time or other, rediculously long legs and large feet, small hands and has a pear-shaped figure.
Etc.: Her dragon-form is obviously purple-blue. On planets like Earth with flowery springs, she gets eczema in the creasesd or her elbows, back of her knees, and gets watery eyes. Oh, and the big, bad Draconian merc Mina is afraid of spiders, but sweet Amira isn't. XD
Mina woke up relatively late, and growled, shoving her hair into a rough pony. She marched her way straight to the mess hall, as she couldn't begin a day without food. She hardly even paid attention to what she was given; so long as it was edible, it would do.
She chose a random empty seat beside some random blonde kid who looked like he'd have a hard time killing a fly. Mina, however, didn't believe that; he had to be bad to get here; even the techies had a rough side, or they wouldn't survive. Mina ate her breakfast like the beast she was, not pausing for a moment to even taste whatever she was shoveling down her throat; her table manners were atrocious. Mina, stop that! You act like a beast! Said the voice in her head.
"I am a beast." Mina mumbled, knowing Amira would catch it.
Doesn't mean you have to eat like one! That boy next to us probably thinks you're gross.
What does it matter? If he doens't like it, tough; he'll deal, or I'll
make him deal. At this point, she looked over at Diego, snorted, then wiped her mouth. There, you happy?

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