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Name: Diego Blake.
Nickname: Is known as "The Dingo" and "Mad Dog" due to his crazy behaviour; however calling him either nickname to his face could result in major pain.
Age: Unknown; due to his powers, his lifespan is extended way beyond normal. Looks around sixteen.
Race: Mutated human.
Job on ship: Doesn't have one; he's new on the ship for one thing. For another, he's not allowed the use of his hands save in certain situations like meal times.
Abilities: Due to mutated genes, Diego has a power that he calls "hexing"; he can make the impossible become possible, simply by using his hands to throw hexes at people and objects. For example, he could hex a fire and make it into a weird fire creature, or a jet of water and change it into ice.
Bio: Diego was born on Earth. He lived with his parents til the age of six, when his parents threw him out of their home for attempting to kill his younger brother. Diego lived on his wits until he was able to hitch a ride on an outgoing spaceship and leave Earth for good. Since then, he's worked as a bounty hunter, using his powers to kill various marks and getting paid well for it. This occupation however gained him his share of enemies, as well as a large price on his head, due to his habit of not caring how many civilians died, as long as the mark was dead. Many people who wouldn't care about the various marks dying, were not too happy about innocent people dying in the process. The disregard for human life is borne partly as a result of his hard life growing up on Earth, but also due to arrogance due to having powers and believing that he's somehow above so called normal human beings.
Personality: Very cynical and abrasive; tends not to care about the feelings of others, can be extremely rude and abusive towards people. Diego is also very immature; this is possibly due to him looking like a teenager. He doesn't make friends easily, and his mouth gets him into trouble with guards on quite a few occasions. He's also very stubborn and set in his views; he can also be selfish and won't ever give out help for free. Diego however can be loyal on the rare occasion that he finds someone who will put up with him long enough to be friends with him. He won't ever betray anyone, even for money, and keeps his promises, good and bad.
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, pale blue eyes. He's slightly above average in height, and skinny in build. Part of the reason why he's so successful in his business is that he doesn't look dangerous; a lot of bigger, tougher men have tried their luck with him and ended up coming to grief. Wears the inmate uniform, as well as a special pair of restraints that are made of a kind of metal that can't be broken thru. They encase the whole of his lower arms and ensure that he can't use his powers. He only has them removed for mealtimes; the guards are primed with chloroform gas canisters should he show any signs of using his powers.
Etc.: Diego didn't know at the start of the trip who it was who'd captured him and who was to collect the price on his head, but he's slowly putting it together. When he finds out who it is, as far as he's concerned, he's got as long as it takes to get out of Crematoria, find them and make them die as painfully as possible.

Diego groaned as the alarm went off; he reluctantly got out of his bunk. However, he was unable to follow the other inmates who were alternatively heading towards the showers, cafeteria or gym until a guard had unlocked the restraints on his arms. The restraints irritated him, but he knew full well why he had to wear them; he wasn't trusted enough by the guards to be allowed to walk around the ship without them.

The guard who had been detailed for this duty walked up to Diego. "OK, you know the deal," he said. "These come off so you can shower and then eat; after breakfast, they go back on again. If you're thinking about starting trouble with your so called hexes, forget it. I have my gas canister on me, and you'll find your @rse in isolation if you even think of it."

Diego scowled, but made no comment. He'd already mouthed off to guards and the consequences weren't very pleasant. It was a pity that he didn't have the brains to learn from experience; the situation was bound to happen again, sooner or later. The restraints were removed, and Diego went to shower. He heard other inmates whispering around him; he was sure he heard someone muttering, "Mad Dog," but couldn't pinpoint the culprit. "Just say that to my face, and you'll be sorry," he said loudly, and the muttering abruptly stopped.

Diego thought back to his capture; not that he could remember much, cuz whoever it was had sneaked up behind him and the next thing he knew, he was choking on poison gas. He had woken up wrapped in a straitjacket, on the way to be delivered to the prison ship. Diego thought dark thoughts about the person who'd captured him; as soon as he found out who they were, they were dead. Just as soon as he got off this hellhole of a prison ship, of course. Diego finished his shower, dried himself off, and after dressing, made his way to the cafeteria.

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