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I haven't had that many weird teachers, but I've had loads of weird subs.

When I was in 10th grade, we had this sub in SAT Prep who ate a whole tub of Country Crock margarine in front of the class! She opened it up, got a spoon and dug in right there. I can't eat margarine anymore because of that DX

That same year, I had a sub in German who was really loud mouthed. It was work time and I was done, so I was reading a manga [ Genshiken, volume 3, I think. I know for sure it was Genshiken though] and he comes up behind me and goes "OH HAY LOOK AT THE QUASI-JAPANESE GIRL READING A MANGA!!!!!!!!" and then he took it out of my hands and threw it against the door. Luckily, it didn't get damaged, because if it had, I would have verbally pwned his loud mouth butt, since I borrowed it from a good friend at the time. >.>

My teacher in fifth grade was just mean, but that was because she was preggo. She really didn't like me for some reason though. She always targetted me and this one boy specifically when she ranted at the class and always sent me into the hallway ;o;!

My sixth grade teacher [where I went to sixth grade in Montana, sixth grade was still considered elementary. We had recess and everything. It was quite epic.] was a hunter and during deer unting season, he brought us the internal organs of the deer he killed. We saw eyeballs, trachea,hearts, livers, brains, stomachs, and some other stuff. It was nutty. He was also deaf in one ear and had one blue eye and one brown eye. He was a good teacher though, and even though I got in a load of fights, he still stuck up for me a lot of the time.

I also had a sub in seventh grade sewing who brought a crapload of InuYasha manga and read it during class while twenty seventh graders were released unto sewing machines to do their own will. It's really lucky that no one got hurt that day because we were really horrible >.>;

Also in seventh grade, I had a pedobear teacher who took pictures of us "for attendance purposes" and had all of the pictures he ever took of all his classes saved onto his computer and when one kid accidently clicked the wrong thing, he found a lot of pron with the heads of the pron stars cut out and replaced with the faces of the girls in our class! Luckily there wasn't one of me DX He got arrested and fired. It was insane. That same teacher hit me for not working in the student store because my math teacher was tutoring me during lunch and I really liked my math teacher a lot more than his creepy butt.
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