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Name: Harmony (Harm) Lynn Maeve
Age (Teens): 17
Field: Splinter
Bio: Harm was always alone. Never needed anybody, always felt safer alone. Her mother was always drunk or on a 'gig' but when she was home, and sober, it was like hell. Harm and her mother fought like crazy, cussing each other out and even getting into some physical fights, weapons at times. Since Harm was a strong sleeper at times, to wake her up, her mother would use various resources to wake her, causing scars. Harm was always degraded, from her teachers to her family. Finally, she decided that instead of letting it bother her, she would fight but now, her passion to fight was weakening. When she started to gain these 'improvements' she was bashed and beaten for it. She began to hide it, keep it to herself, but improve at the same time. She learned Math pretty quick, as that was her best subject at school but Time and Language were extremely hard but she could learn it, slowly.
Strengths (3 aside from your field): She taught herself how to defend herself, by any means-which meant with or without weapons, she has extreme determination and self control.
Weaknesses (3): Hatred-she can't stand most people, especially girls. Her lack of patience, she may be self controlled but that is only when she is fighting, other than that she as loose as a cannon, and her passion for animals. She doesn't care what danger it involves, she will try and save any animal.
Picture (Optional):Link

Harm was already up. She had emptied the contents of her bag, mainly weapons and a few pieces of clothes. She was sharpening some of her knives, a cold, passionless look in her eyes. She glanced up at the two just awakening. "Rise and shine, girls." She rolled her eyes. "I thought we said we would be up and moving by 6 am." In reality, that's what Harm had said. She had told the group, thinking that she was the leader, to be up by 6 am in time to leave. Obviously, she was the only person who had done so. "If you guys would start waking up on time, we might have been able to go get food down at the homeless shelter-but no, you lazy people wanted to sleep. Well, reality check, we're not at home anymore. So, stop thinking that you're still safe." She stood up, gathering her stuff.

Being single doesn't make you weak, it means that you are strong enough to be on your own; Being alone could be a good thing, because there is no drama involved in your life, no pain, and free to do what ever you want. Life is too short to be chasing those who aren't even worth fighting for, you are worth more than that.
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