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So I write this blog for class, and I decided to write about how much I dislike Twilight, and why. It's an incredibly long blog (well over 1000 words), and I'm sure I left out some stuff because Twilight is just... well, it's not good (IMO).

I must have mentioned at least three times that I don't mean to come off rude or to offend anyone, but I thought I should post the replies I got from some fans of the saga. I only have two so far.

So I love twilight and I'm not here to disrespect ,so here me out
As for your comment about the vampires in this book not really being vampires, I think that's kind of the idea. I think you should just read all of the books before judging just becuase in the books its really symbolic. A vampire is seen as a cruel monster and in the book Edward is ashamed of who he is. The reason why he choses not to drink human blood is because he knows that he is a monster and he's doing everything that he can to be a better person. It gives you hope that if you don't want to be a bad person you can always change it around for the best. Its him going against nature to be a better person and even though thats not a traditional vampire its a fresh and positive take on things. Even with the comment about where she talks about the looks, I think she does it in a symbolic way. Again if you read the book, you would read that Edward is built as beautifully as he is for the sake of killing. These days we see people manipulating others with beauty like in advertising. I think that its good because it shows that beauty can be dangerous and it can lead to extremes like anorexia. She doesn't exactly say that in the book but if you read it you may see that its a little deeper than you think. That's juist my take on things but I think its only fair that you read the books before you complain becuase to me it seems like your not getting the whole story. (:
Somebody takes Twilight a little too seriously. It's like she's reading in to everything that is said or whatever. Meyer's not that deep. I think she's the one missing the idea of the book... Oh, by the way, the same girl said in class today that Twilight was one of the greatest romance movies of all time. Comparing Twilight to something like Titanic seems a bit crazy, if you ask me. O_o

Number 2: O_O Take a chill pill.

Its great that you get to share your thoughts about Twilight, but remember, that Stephenie Meyer is a person with feelings. What if she were to come and read this? That would be alittle harsh on the thing that came to her in a dream and she just decided to write about it. She didnt make the book popular, fans did. I know you're going to say, "oh, this will make her stronger" or something dumb like that, but if i were to read something you wrote and said "GAH! That was complete S**T!" How would that make you feel? You may say, " I dont care what you say about my work. But, words do hurt." Its just like when Mr.Kemp was saying that after working so hard on marking our work, and we take it and we see that we got a 60% and go "EW!" Then throw it out. That just throws away both all of our work, along with his work. See? Its just a book. Im not saying that it was the best book of life, but im also saying it wasnt horrible. I think its pretty pathetic for you to have to write this whole blog about something so dumb! --- see, thats me downing your work. Dumb eh?
Oh yeah, poor Stephanie, some people don't like her writing... Come on. PUH-LEASE, girl. Calm the heck down. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. My response to this on the blog was about another 500 - 1000 words long. Basically I told her that everyone has different opinions, and that I have as much of a right to hate Twilight as she does to like it. *rollseyes* Oh, and just to p*ss her off, I told her "I don't care what she says about my work". Because yeah, that's about the only thing true about what she said.

Note: after reading this all (the blog and the comments), my once "neutral" friend now absolutely hates Twilight, too. xD - Oh, and she felt like gagging after the first comment.

EDIT : Also note that they are both preppy and popular. That seems to be a trend. Don't you find it funny that all the conformists love Twilight? >.<

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