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Name: Adrian Capp
Band: Nosferatu, lead guitar
Age: (18 - 25 if human; if were or vampire, then must look that age): 100 years old; looks 23
Race: Werewolf
Bio: Adrian has been playing guitar all his life, which is quite the long time considering his real age. He's generally very loud and works well as a team, like he would in a pack. He has shaggy brown hair and dark chocolate coloured eyes, and he has a muscular build. Adrian is good with sniffing out people's personalities, and can sometimes be a bit too curious when it comes to finding the truth. Adrian has never had much luck with love, which he blames on the Tourettes he 'inherited' from his birth mother. He's had Tourettes since he was 12, and school was hard for him. He dropped out, and his parents were completely outraged. At 17, he was kicked out and lived at his friend's house until he was in his twenties. Every once and a while, he'd wander out into the wilderness, where he ended up being bitten. Adrian usually fakes 'sick' turning the days during the full moon. He is heavily inspired by 80's rock bands.

Name: Preston Black
Band: Bane; Singer
Age: (18 - 25 if human; if were or vampire, then must look that age) 19
Race: Human
Bio: Preston comes from a very high class family, and is an only child. His mother passed away when he was in elementary school, and his father has been married 4 times since. He may seem like the preppy, private school kid on the outside, but boy can he rock! Preston usually wears his old school uniform, including the loosened tie. He's been involved with some drug issues in the past, including being thrown in juvy, and he's trying to put that behind him. Preston always hated being called a 'pretty boy' and he's since distanced himself from that image and even put a black streak in his bleach blond, near white, hair - which is a huge step for Preston, since he's not really a risk taker and more of a follower. He has a girlfriend, but they rarely see each other anymore for she had went to Australia for University.


Adrian was much more concerned about the cycle of the moon then the noisy fans out in the stands. If there were to be a full moon anytime soon, he might cause his band mates a chance at winning. Pretending to be sick while there's a scheduled performance would not be a good thing. "Yeah, I think there will be people out there and I can't wait. I love the rush of adrenaline I get from performing in front of a live audience. I love the roar of the crowd after a good show." Adrian sat arms-crossed, feet resting up on another chair. "We're going to win this. No contest."


Preston looked at the clock, "It'll start soon." He said. He hadn't heard Jesie, but he could tell by body language that both she and Regan were being impatient about it. Heck, Preston was a generally patient guy, but they had been waiting quite a while and he hadn't gotten much rest the previous night so he felt like he was about to crash. Preston was wearing a bit of eyeliner, just to bring out his pale blue eyes. He was hoping that they wouldn't look so pale in the spotlights so that they looked white. He didn't want to look like a zombie or anything. His skin and hair were pale enough; he looked like someone had bleached him from head to toe. "Maybe I need a tan..." He muttered to himself, staring at his ghostly white skin. "What do you think, Regan? Am I too pale, or am I just paranoid?" He asked. His girlfriend had never called him pale, but then again, she was pretty pale too. Oh, how he missed April. He did call her, hoping that maybe she'd come and watch just one of their performances. He would give anything to hear her cheering him on like his own personal cheerleader - not to mention he'd love it if she wore one of the little cheerleader uniforms, too. xD

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