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Name: Hani Williams
Band: Nosferatu, drummer
Age: 19
Race: Human
Bio: ADHD from a young age, Hani was never able to find a good, solid outlet for his hyperactivity until he entered his primary school's minor school band; he took very well to the percussion section and has been an avid drummer ever since, and is also fond of using many different types of drums and other percussion instruments and is particularly fond of fast, difficult-to-play songs. Due to having started at an early age, he's got good stamina for playing the drums and his energy keeps him from getting exhausted too fast; he doesn't sing often and if he does, it's usually on any songs he doesn't have to do any intense drumming on. He has type 2 diabetes that occured during his early teens and while it's obvious when it's keeping him from doing his best, he doesn't bring it up. His oldest sister, Angel, is actually a brother and is a drag queen who currently is living in America, and his other sister, Gina, helps him keep his drums and other instruments in order. Hani's a college student minoring in literature and majoring in drama and music. He has a series of black stripe tattoos on his arms and legs, much like a tiger's, and once he's out of college he plans on finishing it with stripes on his stomach, chest, and back. His personality is generally a happy one, but if he forgets his insulin for too long he becomes sluggish and negative. He's also stubborn to a high degree and it's gotten him in trouble many times. His drumming is inspired by Lars Ulrich and the drummer from the group Rush.

Name: Jessica Roarke
Band: Bane, lead guitarist
Age: 21
Race: Human
Bio: Jesie - one S, not two, as she has frequently had to tell reporters - was born to a Cherokee indian and an Italian woman; however, the woman left and Jesie was left with her father, Arik, who's been sick for a couple of years now; she has clear traits of her Cherokee heritage in her face and stature, but she has her mother's dark brown hair instead of her father's black hair as well as her brown eyes. She dropped out of college when her father became sick - from what, she's unsure - and has been working numerous jobs to help pay for doctor and hospital visits, as well as hospital equipment for home. They moved from the reservation in America to (insert whatever country the show is held in, I forgot to ask! O.o) when problems occured with the medicine man's death when she was ten. She's very shy, mostly as a result of moving so far from home; she used to be extremely extroverted, but her secondary school wasn't exactly the best place to be and she became severely introverted. When she graduated, she went and got a navy-blue dreamcatcher tattooed on her stomach; she's still not quite sure why she did it. She's been playing cello since she was twelve; she started on a violin but found it a little too screechy and too close to her ears, so she changed up to a full sized cello before her thirteenth birthday. She is also influenced quite a bit by the band Apocalyptica and can sound like she's playing a guitar instead as a result of listening to them for years. However, started playing guitar recently.


"Cy, relax, I'm sure we'll do fine." Hani was absently tapping his drumsticks on a different chair. "We've gotten this far, we just need to push a bit harder. Besides, even if we don't make it, there's probably going to be some record dealer guy who offers us one." He took a sip of water out of a bottle and glanced around; Gina was making sure he'd set up his drums again, ugh. She was so OCD! ".. Should I just tell Gina to leave it? I wish she'd quit doing that, I've got everything set up so it's easier for me to do the really hard songs." He got up on his feet, stretching his back a bit as he leaned backward, and he walked over, peeking over Cy's shoulder. "..Nn, I don't see a crowd out there yet. Is there going to be one for this? I really can't remember. Think that was around the time I was exhausted and about ready to go 'zzz' land on you guys." He laughed nervously.


Jesie was tuning her guitar and making sure the notes were perfect; she was really nervous and she couldn't stop tapping her right-foot toes on the ground. She wore very little makeup, just black eyeliner and mascara, and she was wearing a blue midriff shirt under a white sheer longsleever, mostly to show off the dreamcatcher tattoo on her stomach. "... How much longer is it gonna take," she mumbled, brushing her hair out of her face. Regan was about the only bandmember she talked to, if anyone at all; if she had to, she'd talk to the others as well but they tended to ignore her because she spoke so quietly, she might as well have not said a word.

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